LG Have in The Oven New Curved Smartphones Next Year

Still seem to be a component of interesting future gadgets, but the flexible screens are already present and that little by little we will see still on more devices.

Samsung and LG register evolution, and while the first have already presented several devices with screens curved OLED in commercial disposal – Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the recent Samsung Gear S -; LG has only experimented with your G-Flex waiting for the market to ripen more.

The next step of LG will arrive in 2015, at least if we listen to the roadmap of the Korean company that has been leaked online, every time that they have already advanced on the screens with P-OLED technology, tempered glass by plastic-changing improving its resistance and allowing, for example, a completely circular screen LG G Watch R.

During the year next LG intends to launch rigid devices with flexible panels that can bend, wearables, smartphones and tablets, the style of which Samsung has already presented.

Later, already for the year 2017, could reach terminals with adaptable screens to curved surfaces like the dashboard of a vehicle, or even devices that we could roll up, something that seems still very distant, but that apparently did not take much see.

At the moment, we do not believe the guys at LG to change the philosophy of their most high-end smartphones, as the success achieved with the G2 and G3 seems to indicate that they will maintain the strategy leaving these innovations to other devices. Do some already think in a parallel and similar to the Note Edge version?