Lance SEGA Zaxxon Exhaust for Android, a New Installment of Its Arcade 80’s

Back in the year 1982 it reached arcades of half the world Zaxxon, the first video game of SEGA using the isometric 3D perspective. In it we set off at the controls of a ship and our goal was to finish with the maximum number of enemies without being hit and without that fuel runs out.

Now to celebrate its 30 anniversary SEGA launches a new version of this arcade mobile devices under the title of Zaxxon exhaust. In this new release with updated fully in 3D graphics and new prospect return asteroid city of ZAXXON but now our mission is to escape from its fortress.

In Zaxxon exhaust We will be in a maze full of narrow tunnels and force fields. To not crash we will have will have to turn, twist and shoot. In each game, we will be getting Z-coins to level up and get improvements.

It’s a game with an infinite gameplay style Temple Run as far as the fine your objective is to overcome our records, earn points and unlock objects. * Zaxxon exhaust * has a price of 0.91 euros Google play.

Zaxxon exhaust Version 1.0.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.0.1
  • Developer: SEGA OF AMERICA
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €0.91
  • Category: Arcade & action