KPU Study Abroad

KPU Study Abroad

The University

I chose Kwantlen Polytechnic University because a fellow student had told me about it and I wanted a university with a campus, but for which you could still live in the city center. The KPU was perfect for that.

When you apply, you have to specify your preferred courses. It takes a while to find your way around the university’s website and later on the internet portals, but the offer and the possibilities are worth it. The university’s acceptance came late, but it was in time to organize everything at home.

If you live downtown, it takes about three quarters of an hour, depending on your apartment, to get to the Richmond campus. I also had a course in Surrey, for which the bus-skytrain bus trip took over an hour and a half for one way, but was too long in retrospect, especially if you only go there for one course.

Standing for Kwantlen Polytechnic University according to abbreviationfinder, the KPU offers an introductory day for all beginning students of the semester as well as one for the international students. I definitely recommend taking part there, because there you get an overview of the KPU and have the best opportunity to make contacts. In addition, there are weekly events for the internationals.

Otherwise, university life focuses on the courses, where everyone is catered for in the small classes of up to 25 people.

The courses

Choosing three courses paid off – I was able to concentrate on each course and at the same time had a lot of free time to explore British Columbia. Especially in the exam phase, I was much more relaxed than my fellow students with four or even five courses. The grading system is shown here by percent and individual performances can be used to achieve proportions.

The first course I took was management. Our professor “Jim” was very personable and explained the content with the help of videos, examples and involvement of the students. In a case analysis that we carried out in parallel in a group, the content learned was applied directly.

Marketing is also a fundamental first-semester course, so that it deals more with the students and offers help. Depending on the professor and previous knowledge, it can be simple or involve a lot of effort.

In Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a third year course, a little more is required. A group project and weekly work that you had to submit yourself were compulsory. But if you have basic psychological knowledge, especially in statistics, it will be very easy for you to take part here.


Vancouver is a wonderful place. There is always something new to discover. There are many suggestions on the Narcity Vancouver Facebook page. Events take place such as festivals in summer or displays of lights in winter. Parks offer wonderful hiking trails, such as Lighthouse Park, Lynn Valley or Deep Cove, where you can walk up to Quarry Rock, which offers a great view of the bay. The mountains Grouse, Cypress Mountain and Mt Seymour are also very close for hiking or skiing. If you want to go further, you can go to Whistler, Vancouver Island or the Rocky Mountains, which I definitely recommend. But there is so much to discover in downtown and North Vancouver that it will definitely be an unforgettable time.

Apartment Search

I lived in downtown on English Bay, which was really amazing. Close to everything and especially the beach and nature, and in the quiet West End. I was very lucky to find my apartment.
For those who still have to look for an apartment in Canada, I have my personal tips:

  • First and foremost, get a SIM card or a contract that allows internet, free text messages and calls within BC. Internet is used to navigate the city and to homes, SMS and calls are the preferred means of communication for people living in Vancouver. Some have Whatsapp, but SMS is preferred here.
  • Search for apartments on Craigslist early enough (at least 2 weeks before the start of the month, preferably earlier) and organize that you visit all apartments on a single day or within a weekend.
  • Write on as many people as you can on bulk. You might get help from other sources, sometimes offers of free rooms are posted in high-rise buildings in the foyer or others can help. But it also works if you only search via Craigslist. . . But you should write to as many people as possible, as the response rate is very low and some of them may have already taken the room.
  • My restriction on Craigslist was rent up to $ 1000, private room (yes, some let you sleep in a separate living room area or in a bed with them!) And apartments that are downtown but not east-downtown. With the map view and the personalized restriction of the apartments, you can easily search for everyone who is in a good area: those that you have already contacted are displayed in purple. Of course, it’s also best to be close to public transport. If you want cheaper apartments, you can also consider East Van (not East Downtown) or South Vancouver with Richmond, for example – everything is okay with the transit. But of course, an apartment right in the city is ideal.
  • Pay attention to the price and what’s on offer: in Vancouver, a whole apartment costs at least $ 1500 a month, Kitsilano around $ 1100, and in East and South Vancouver it’s a lot less. Some landlords even make you pay more than the entire apartment would cost.
  • Let them show you clearly what is included (internet, electricity, use of extra services). Do not pay a deposit before the keys are handed over – there are blatant cases in which the wrong keys are sometimes given, so test them together if necessary! And of course sign it.
  • If a guy is doing a multi-party tour with you, be skeptical. And if that’s someone who wears neon shoes and stutters easily, Lee means: then don’t take them! Because many have already turned on apartments with poor conditions and poor contact with the landlord from him.

KPU Study Abroad

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