KnockOn: an Alternative to Release with Double Tap to the Amoled Android

Thanks to the Knock Code, evolution of the double tap to activate the display developed by LG, the Korean manufacturer’s smartphone are very comfortable to use even with one hand. On more than one occasion the Android community tried to reproduce this system as a universal application, and there are various solutions and also modules Xposed.

KnockOn-Tap to wake is a good alternative available just Google Play, extended to all Android devices, with some limitations. Functionally, there are no major bugs whatsoever, KnockOn-Tap to wake does exactly what the user would expect, unlock the screen by a double tap. The only drawback about the screen, this application works only on a matrix AMOLED panels, if you try to install it on a smart phone with LCD display you will have no effect.

By accessing the settings menu you can customize the speed unlock, activate the app just for a certain screen or adjust other functions, case-by-case basis whether using KnockOn-Tap to wake does not impact too much on the autonomy of the smartphone.


  • Single tap to lock the smartphone
  • Double tap to reactivate your phone (only for OLED)
  • Both functions can be activated separately
  • Set a timer to use to reduce energy consumption
  • Customize the speed of recognition of double tap
  • No ads.