Jetpack Joyride Debuts on Android… But in The Amazon App Store

Within many games freemium that there is, Jetpack Joyride It is perhaps one of the most attractive proposals. Half Brick, creators of Fruit Ninja, among others, has extensive experience in mobile and its infinitive platform game where we have to get as far as possible is a success. However to date had not come to Android, now at last, but with nuances.

Half Brick has decided that you one of his creations give the jump to Google’s operating system. A good news for all Android, although we must clarify: only for a few. The Studio has decided to launch exclusive, temporally, the game in the Amazon app store.

The problem, as many already know, is that it is impossible to buy and download apps from Amazon App Store outside United States. In this way, we will have to wait until it reaches Google Play or while someone filter the apk from the game (download is free officially).

Currently there are no plans on its release in the rest of the world. Normally These Exclusives are brief so we should not take a long time to see him around here. If you live in the United States run for him because in addition you shall receive one dollar for free to spend on music at Amazon.