Jefferson County, West Virginia Demographics

Jefferson County, West Virginia Demographics

Jefferson County, West Virginia is located in the Eastern Panhandle region of the state. It is bordered by Berkeley and Morgan counties to the north, Loudoun and Clarke counties to the east, Fairfax County, Virginia and Clarke County to the south, and Washington County to the west. The county covers an area of about 340 square miles with an estimated population of 56,000 people.

The geography of Jefferson County is diverse with rolling hills, lush forests, and winding rivers. The terrain ranges from elevated plateaus in the northern portion of the county to gentle slopes in the southern part. The highest point is located on Backbone Mountain at 2194 feet above sea level while its lowest elevation is at 660 feet along Opequon Creek near Charles Town.

According to findjobdescriptions, the climate in Jefferson County varies depending on location and elevation. Average temperatures range from a low of around 25 degrees Fahrenheit in January to a high of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit in July. In terms of precipitation, annual rainfall averages about 40 inches while snowfall usually ranges from 10-20 inches per year depending on location within the county.

Jefferson County has a vibrant population that includes many different ethnicities and cultures which gives it a unique character not found elsewhere in West Virginia. About 91% of residents are white while 4% are African American and 3% are Hispanic or Latino according to recent census data. The median household income for Jefferson County is slightly higher than that for West Virginia as a whole at $59,919 compared to $51,817 respectively as reported by US News & World Report’s Best Places 2020 rankings.

In terms of education levels, Jefferson County has both public school systems as well as higher education institutions such as Shepherd University which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as business administration and nursing among others. There are also numerous private schools throughout the county ranging from pre-K through 12th grade which offer quality education options for families living here.

Jefferson County offers its residents a diverse mix of culture, geography, and weather conditions as well as educational opportunities that make it an attractive place to live or visit.

Economy of Jefferson County, West Virginia

The economy of Jefferson County, West Virginia is largely driven by the agricultural and natural resource sectors. Agriculture has been a major part of the county’s history, with many family farms still in operation today. The main crops grown in the area are hay, corn, soybeans, and wheat. Livestock production such as beef cattle and poultry are also important components of the agricultural sector.

In addition to agriculture, Jefferson County also has a vibrant forestry industry with over 200 thousand acres of forestland that provides lumber for both local and national markets. The county is home to several sawmills that process timber into products such as decking, flooring, furniture components, and other wood products. These mills employ hundreds of people in the area who play an important role in supporting the local economy.

Tourism is another key component of Jefferson County’s economy with its numerous attractions including historical sites such as Harpers Ferry National Historic Park and Civil War battlefields; outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting; and cultural events such as festivals and concerts. Tourism generates millions of dollars each year for the county through visitor spending on lodging, dining establishments, retail stores, entertainment venues etc., which further benefits local businesses and provides jobs for residents.

Manufacturing is also an important sector in Jefferson County providing quality employment opportunities for those who may not have access to higher education or specialized skillsets required for other industries such as technology or finance. Major manufacturers located here produce products ranging from automobile parts to medical devices to food processing equipment and more which helps support many businesses throughout the region while providing stability to those employed by them.

The government sector also plays a role in Jefferson County’s economy through its various departments including health care services provided by hospitals and clinics; public safety services like police protection; educational institutions; road maintenance etc., all of which provide essential services while helping generate economic activity within the county.

Jefferson County has a diverse economy that provides quality employment opportunities for its citizens while contributing significantly to economic growth throughout West Virginia.

Libraries in Jefferson County, West Virginia

According to babyinger, Jefferson County, West Virginia is blessed with a number of public libraries that provide its residents with access to an abundance of books and other resources for learning and entertainment. These libraries are integral to the county’s educational, economic, and cultural development.

The Charles Town Library is the largest library in Jefferson County. It has been serving the local community since 1881 and boasts a collection of over 70,000 books, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials and reference materials. The library also offers various programs for children including story time, after school activities and summer reading programs. In addition to its extensive collection, the library provides free Wi-Fi access as well as computers with internet access for those who need it.

The Shepherdstown Public Library is another important library in Jefferson County. This historic building dates back to 1858 when it was established by the town’s first mayor as a place where citizens could check out books from a small collection of volumes donated by prominent local families. Today, the library has grown significantly in size and now offers over 40,000 titles including fiction and non-fiction books as well as magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials and reference resources. The library also provides free Wi-Fi access along with computers available for public use.

The Bolivar Public Library serves another section of Jefferson County located in Bolivar near Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. This small but cozy library was founded in 1910 and currently has a collection of over 10 thousand titles including books on history, literature, science fiction, fantasy novels etc., along with magazines and newspapers for adults and children alike. The library also hosts various events like book clubs or reading groups throughout the year which are open to anyone interested in joining them.

Finally, there is the Ranson Public Library which serves Ranson City located just outside Charles Town in Jefferson County. This modern facility opened its doors in 2008 offering patrons access to over 25 thousand titles including popular fiction works as well as non-fiction texts on topics such as history or science along with audio-visual materials like DVDs or CDs for those interested in learning more about music or film production techniques etc.. It also has an extensive selection of computer software CDs available for checkout at no cost making it an invaluable resource not only for students but anyone looking to learn new skills or simply explore different topics online without having to purchase any software themselves.

In conclusion, Jefferson County boasts an impressive selection of public libraries that serve its various communities providing them with access to quality educational resources while helping promote literacy among its citizens.

Landmarks in Jefferson County, West Virginia

Jefferson County, West Virginia

Jefferson County, West Virginia is home to many important landmarks. One of the most well-known is Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, a site that played a vital role in the American Civil War. Established in 1867, the park is located at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers and features a 19th-century town, Civil War battlefields, and several museums. Visitors can explore its many trails or take part in its educational programs. Another popular landmark is the Charles Town Race Track & Slots, which offers year-round thoroughbred horse racing and slots. The track has been a major attraction since 1933 and continues to draw locals as well as visitors from out of state. The historic Shepherdstown Historic District is also worth exploring. The district boasts some of the oldest buildings in Jefferson County including churches, residences, schools, and businesses that date back to 1762. In addition to these sites, there are several other attractions such as Antietam National Battlefield Park where visitors can learn about one of the most significant battles of the Civil War; Harpers Ferry Adventure Center which provides various outdoor activities; Sky Meadows State Park for hiking and camping; and Bolivar Heights Battlefield where visitors can learn about another major battle from 1861.

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