Interesting Facts about New York

Interesting Facts about New York

The city of New York City is known to many as the city of money and show business, but also as the city known as the “Big Apple” that never sleeps. New York City is located in the state of New York on the east coast of the United States of America and is also the largest city in the USA.

The best way to explore New York is on foot or by subway. A ship circumnavigation of Manhattan should also be a special highlight.

According to directoryaah, New York is located on the east coast of the United States of America and is divided into the districts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. All of these districts, except for The Bronx, are on islands.

The smallest of these districts is Manhattan. It is here, more precisely in Lower Manhattan, that most of the most interesting sights of New York are to be found. The money center has settled there. Here you can take a look at the stock exchange, the US Federal Reserve and Wall Street. In 1988 the World Financial Center, also known as the power center of the financial world, was completed.

Also the old harbor and a multitude of famous buildings like the City Hall, which has been the seat of New York City Government since 1812 and is certainly a fine example of American architecture of the early 19th century.

Other attractions include the Woolworth Building, the World Trade Center Site and Battery Park with the Casle Clinton National Monument.

As the first and largest suspension bridge made of steel, the Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan opened in 1883 after a construction period of 15 years. A variety of new techniques were used in the construction of this bridge. Still considered a marvel today, a pedestrian walkway offers fascinating views of the bridge and New York City.

New York has two airports, La Guardia Airport east of Manhattan in Queens, which is mainly used by business people. And the John F. Kennedy Airport, also located in Queens. 24 kilometers southeast of Manhattan, this airport is the international airport and the largest in New York.

New York summers are often hot and humid. Increased by air pollution, lack of air circulation and the high humidity, the heat can become unbearable. The winters, on the other hand, can be cold and snowy. New York is always worth a trip and there really isn’t a best time to travel. However, autumn and spring or early summer are certainly best due to the weather. For a trip to New York you should plan at least three days so that you can really get all the sights and the flair of this great city.

New York – Something about the history of the city

The location of the cosmopolitan city is on the east coast of the United States of America. The East and Hudson Rivers flow into the Atlantic at New York Bay. Today’s city center is located on Manhattan Island. The city is also known as the “Big Apple” and a trendy metropolis.

Today’s New York was founded in 1621 by the Dutch under the name of New Amsterdam and since then, although it is actually very young, it has had many good times, but also bad times.

New York was handed over from the Dutch to the English in 1664. In 1785 New York was named the US capital. The Statue of Liberty “Miss Liberty” rises in the middle of the New Yorker. It was built in 1886, a gift from France that was a sign of self-determination for many immigrants.

The 19th century was a flourishing day for New York. The city grew and the port in New York became more and more important. Trade and prosperity arrived and many businesses were founded. In 1898, when Manhattan merged with four other parishes, New York became the second largest city in the world. The main occupation was shipbuilding and grain processing.

Many immigrants came to the city and allowed the city to continue to grow. The expansion of local public transport was promoted, but one also had to contend with a large number of problems (epidemics or financial crises, for example).

The founding of the “New York Times” in 1851 and the creation of Central Park, which began in 1857, are certainly among the most important events in the city. This green oasis was opened in 1869 and marked the city limits at that time.

The construction of the elevated railway, which began in 1871, was an important event in the history of the cosmopolitan city. This means of mass transportation was in operation in New York until 1954. Construction of the subway began in 1904.

The wave of immigration in New York reached its peak in 1907. Over 1.2 million people came to the United States via Ellis Island. This was then used by the government after the First World War to issue stricter rules for immigration.

Of course, New York also has a multitude of famous and spectacular buildings to offer. Construction of the Empire State Building began in 1929, the famous Rockefeller Center followed in 1931 and the Radio City Music Hall opened in 1932. The world exhibition in 1939/1940, which took place in Queens, was also important.

Interesting Facts about New York

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