Hysham, Montana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Hysham, Montana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to 800ZipCodes, Hysham, Montana is surrounded by a number of cities and towns. To the north lies Forsyth, a small town of around 4,000 residents. It is home to a number of historical landmarks, including the Fort Union Trading Post and the Custer Battlefield Museum. To the east lies Miles City, Montana’s sixth largest city with around 8,000 residents. Miles City has been an agricultural center since its founding in 1876 and is home to many popular attractions such as the Range Riders Museum and the Sacajawea Interpretive Center. To the south lies Broadus, a small town of approximately 900 people. It is known for its annual rodeo on Labor Day weekend as well as its unique cowboy culture. Lastly, to the west lies Baker, Montana’s smallest incorporated city with just over 400 people living within its borders. Baker is known for its historic downtown district and for being one of only two cities in Montana that are not part of any county or consolidated city-county government structure. All of these cities and towns offer their own unique attractions that make them great places to visit when you are in Hysham.

Population of Hysham, Montana

According to mcat-test-centers, Hysham, Montana is a small town with a population of just over 600 people according to the 2010 census. It is located in Treasure County in the southeastern part of the state, near the Wyoming border. The town is predominantly white, with around 80% of its residents identifying as Caucasian. The remaining 20% consists mostly of Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanics. The median age of Hysham’s residents is 42 years old and the median household income is $38,000 per year. The town has seen some population growth since 2010, with an estimated population of 624 as of 2019. This growth has been driven largely by young families moving to Hysham for its rural lifestyle and affordable housing. The town also boasts a variety of businesses including restaurants, bars, stores, and hotels that cater to both locals and visitors alike. Hysham’s close proximity to national parks and other attractions make it an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore Montana’s outdoors or take part in some recreational activities such as fishing or hiking.

Schools and education of Hysham, Montana

Hysham, Montana is served by the Hysham Public Schools District. The district operates one elementary school for grades K-6, one middle school for grades 7-8, and one high school for grades 9-12. The district also offers preschool programs and adult learning classes through its community education program.

The elementary school provides a comprehensive curriculum with an emphasis on STEM subjects such as math and science. The middle school offers elective courses in music, art, and foreign language. At the high school level, students have the opportunity to take college preparatory classes as well as career-focused courses such as welding or computer programming.

The district is committed to providing quality education to all its students and has implemented various initiatives to ensure their success. These include personalized learning plans for each student, a focus on preparing students for college or career after graduation, and a variety of extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports teams.

Hysham also has a public library that provides access to books, magazines, computers with internet access, and other resources for students of all ages. The library also hosts various events throughout the year including story times for young children and book clubs for adults.

In addition to the public schools in Hysham, there are several private schools located nearby including parochial schools operated by religious organizations as well as independent educational institutions offering alternative learning experiences such as Montessori or Waldorf methods.

Hysham, Montana

Landmarks in Hysham, Montana

Hysham, Montana is home to a variety of landmarks that make it an attractive destination for visitors and locals alike. One of the most recognizable landmarks in the area is the Hysham Tower, which stands at the center of town and serves as a beacon for travelers. The tower was built in 1906 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The historic Hysham Courthouse is another notable landmark in town. The courthouse was built in 1908 and has been restored to its original condition. It serves as a reminder of Hysham’s past and is open to visitors who can explore its majestic architecture.

The Main Street area is also home to several notable landmarks, including the Hysham Hotel, which dates back to 1887. The hotel boasts an elegant lobby with stained glass windows, antique furnishings, and a grand staircase leading up to its second floor.

Just outside of town lies one of Hysham’s most beloved attractions – the Bighorn River. This river stretches across Montana’s rugged landscape and offers visitors stunning views along its banks. Anglers can take advantage of world-class fishing opportunities while birdwatchers can observe various species along its shores.

Finally, no visit to Hysham would be complete without stopping by Denton Slough Wildlife Refuge. This refuge provides habitat for hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates that call this area home. Visitors can hike along its trails or take part in guided tours led by experts from the refuge’s staff.

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