HTC Responds to Apple: Less Demanding and More Compete

Yesterday we did echo the demand for Apple to HTC for import devices to the United States. The reason: a alleged violation of patents the Taiwanese company. Nothing new under the Sun in the long legal struggle that keep some manufacturers of electronic devices.

As he left the news HTC did not no statement on the matter until today. Grace Lei, general Councillor of HTC is shown”disappointed”by the constant legal action from Apple and encouraged the company to compete” fairly”in the market.” Grace also denied that the patents that Apple is claiming have violated.

At the moment is wait for the judge to make a decision to draw conclusions. It is a tricky question to enter into parallel trials since These demands are the order of the day as we have already seen on occasion in Xataka Android. In any case, it seems that the concern of the people of Cupertino by competition is quite important.