How to Get to Toledo, Spain

How to Get to Toledo, Spain

There is no airport in the vicinity of Toledo – all airfields, it will be most convenient to fly to Madrid and move on from there. True, liners do not carry tourists from the modern capital of Spain to the ancient capital either. The best options to get to this ancient city are by car, train or bus.┬áCheck ehangzhou for other cities and countries as well as overview of Europe.

From airport to city

Alsa buses (off. site in English) to Toledo (71 km southwest of the capital) depart from the Estaci├│n Sur bus station in Madrid. The fare is 7-18 EUR one way, on the way – up to 1.5 hours, the final stop is in the historical part of the city. Experienced travelers advise not to be afraid to rent a car (you can do this right at the Madrid airport) – you can drive along the A-42 highway to Toledo in less than an hour. A taxi ride will also be comfortable (cars are waiting for passengers opposite the exit from the Barajas airport terminal), but it will cost a pretty penny – the price is from 120 EUR.

Madrid Atocha train station from Barajas Airport can be reached in 40 minutes by 24-hour bus, 25 minutes by train, which runs during the day from Terminal 4. To Toledo train station, Renfe trains run on weekdays from 6:50, on weekends from 8:50, travel time is about 35 minutes. Tickets can be bought at the box office at the station.


If the weather allows, it is better to walk around Toledo on foot: the main attractions are located compactly, and it is also good for health. If you want to ride around the city, it is worth considering that transport here is divided into two categories – public and sightseeing. The first includes buses (around the city) and trains (for trips to other settlements in Spain), the second includes double-decker tour buses with audio guides and small city trains. And of course, a taxi.

There are many narrow streets in the center of Toledo where the bus will not pass, but you can get to Socodover Square on it. And also to the observation deck on the banks of the Tahoe River.

If you are in Toledo not for half a day, use two types of sightseeing transport at once. A double-decker red bus is waiting for tourists right at the exit from the railway station. In an hour, he travels around 12 iconic places, including St. Martin’s Bridge, the Military Museum and others (off. the carrier ‘s website in English). The ZocoTren tourist train with an audio guide in Russian starts from Sokodover Square and circles mainly around the historical center. The trip takes about 45 minutes, in the winter season ZocoTren runs every hour, in the summer every half an hour, tickets are sold at a kiosk on Calle Silleria, 14.

Taxi and car rental

Inexpensive taxi services in Toledo – an average of 8 EUR per trip; white cars are waiting for passengers at the exits of the railway and bus stations and near the Visitor Center on Paseo Merchan, S/N. You can catch a car on the street or ask the porter of any hotel to order. There are several car rental companies, but renting a car is only worth it if you plan to actively explore the area. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money.

Be aware that Toledo is the most popular day trip route from Madrid. Every weekend, regardless of the season, crowds of tourists come here. You can avoid this by arriving on a weekday (but not on Monday, when most museums are closed).

Toledo Hotels

The most popular accommodation option in Toledo is apartments, almost all of which are located within 1 km from the historic center. The price, from 40 to 200 EUR, depending on the star rating, includes free Wi-Fi (always) and parking spaces (as a rule, when settling for several days).

Hotels in Toledo amaze not with quantity, but with quality. There are only three five-star hotels, for example, but each of them is a masterpiece in its own way: Eurostars Palacio Buenavista seduces with an elegant garden and accommodation in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cigarral el Bosque is located in an old mansion on the picturesque banks of the Tagus River. And the most pretentious, Fontecruz Toledo, is decorated with antique furniture, handmade carpets and is famous for its original spa.

There are much more 3 and 4 * category hotels, prices in them start from 35 EUR. Many are also housed in “historical” buildings with views of major landmarks or excellent rooftop views, almost every one has a bar or restaurant. New hotels will have to be found outside the city limits. Hostels offer the lowest prices, from 15 EUR per night. And if you definitely want to overspend, you can rent a whole house and feel like a real Spanish grandee.

How to Get to Toledo, Spain

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