How to Cancel SMS Messages from Oi, Claro, Vivo and Tim! Sorted Out!

Welcome to our site and today’s article is about a problem that plagues the lives of almost all the people of our country. We are talking about the advertisements of the operators that arrive every day in our handsets. What most people do not know is that there is now a law. You will only continue to receive these advertisements and advertisements if you choose to receive them.

How to Cancel SMS Messages from Oi, Claro, Vivo and Tim! Sorted Out!

It is very simple to cancel these messages and that is what our article has brought to you. You will learn below how to cancel the SMS from Vivo, Claro, Hi and TIM. See the step by step for each operator and get rid of these annoying and unnecessary messages in your life.

Cancel Vivo advertising SMS

  • To cancel any type of advertising and publicity of Vivo, you should only send an SMS to the number 457 with the text EXIT.

Cancel Claro’s SMS message

  • In order to cancel all the advertisements and advertisements of Claro on your mobile phone, you should only send an SMS to the number 888 with the text EXIT.
  • You have a second choice to make this cancellation. As soon as you receive any type of SMS with advertising, you just reply to this SMS with the text EXIT.

Cancel Oi’s advertising SMS

  • To cancel the advertisements and ads of Oi on your device, just send an SMS to the number 55555 with the text EXIT.

Cancel TIM advertising SMS

  • To cancel all TIM advertisements and advertisements on your mobile phone, you should only send an SMS to 4112 with the text EXIT.

In the image below you can see a test performed with operator Oi, who responded promptly to the message sent to the number 55555 as quoted above.

But you know what’s strange? This whole process should be the opposite. At first you DO NOT receive advertising IF YOU DO NOT ASK. Then, if you want to receive, you should send a request message. It is the legislation supporting the practice of SPAM by assuming that at first we all choose to receive advertising in a service for which we have already paid. On open TV and on the internet, which is free to the viewer the advertisement is what sustains the business. But we already paid for the operator’s phone service and she should NOT take advantage of this to make even more money from advertising clients.

By doing these simple procedures you are finally free of those very chatty advertising messages that the operators sent. Remember that if you do not cancel, you will certainly continue to receive these SMS. Let’s stay here and any questions that may have stayed, just leave a comment with your question and we will be happy to seek the answer and bring it to you.