Google Worried about Samsung’s Android-Domination

Google fears failure, if Korean Samsung gets too much lead for competitors on the Android market.

Google is worried about Samsung’s position as dominant on the Android market, writes the Wall Street Journal.

At a meeting hailed Google’s Andy Rubin, Samsung’s success, but warned at the same time that Google could end up in a precarious situation, if Samsung’s lead for the competitors was too large.

Samsung already has considerable influence, with 39.6 per cent of the global market for smartphones, of which Android devices constitute by far the largest portion of their products.

Other producers could not make it nearly as well as Samsung, which thus stands in a postion where they can afford to demand more from Google, or do like Amazon, and create his own version of the operating system.

Google believes, however, that they have designed a form of life insurance with the acquisition by Motorola, which according to our site, would help to block Samsung for too good a foothold.

However, it is not clear how Motorola will help to hold the Samsung from great success, since the products we now have seen into from Motorola, have not be able to draw many customers to.