Google Play Store Deleted Applications with Advertising Intruisiva or to Try to Make It Pass by Each Other

Google is taken more and more seriously the issue of the quality of the applications in terms of not worsening the user experience using Google Play. Much is advertising that the user receives many times the only livelihood that will receive a developer to remove advantage to the effort that has invested in your application.

But sometimes reaching a level of intrusiveness which was hardly acceptable, and that is what Google wants to eliminate Google Play. Within a period of 30 days any application that makes use of advertising in the form of notifications (known as Airpush), shortcuts or to put advertising on the unlock screen will be deleted from Google Play.

And it will not be the only measure that will take to improve the quality. Not have been few times that a developer wanted to take part of the fame of another application and decided to make an application with a name, description, and similar to the original images. This attitude will also be banned in Google Play.

Will applications be deleted xenophobic and that provide to the gave. When before they banned the applications that disseminate hatred, they are now all that constitute a source of threat, harassment or intimidation of other users, or group of people. A very subtle change but allowing them to cure in health in the event that something goes wrong.

Also prohibited is made public the list of contacts without express consent, applications that handled rewards in the real world to the purest style of gaming, to modify the phone without the user’s consent or who ask to delete other applications if it is not justified for safety reasons.

That Yes, if there is an interesting change is the of the in-app purchase. Apparently are going to put much more restrictive than one had anticipated doing that all buy in-app by Google Play pass. It is a standard that was put and which were exempt physical rewards or files that can be used outside the application, such as music and photos, but now to make it more clear.

These are almost all of the innovations that Google has implemented in the politics of Google Play in the absence of review them more thoroughly. Many are common sense, as those who try to avoid fraud and excessive advertising, although we can discuss about that in-app purchases must be by Google Play. Either way, developers have 30 days to implement the necessary changes in their applications or run the risk of seeing its application withdrawn and in many cases do not collect what is theirs by sale of applications and advertising applications.