Google Play Games Filtering, Achievements, Cloud, Game Chats, and Multiplayer Games

The guys at Android Police have revealed one of the secrets that we will be presented at the upcoming Google I/O and have the Google Play APK 3.1.36 Services, a version that uncovers the bet of Google in the field of games on Android. That bet will be called Play Games.

By now the package is limited to certain options, but an exhaustive study of it allowed to analyze the key service that many were waiting for to get the most out of games on Android.

The integration of Google + It will be one of the keys of the service, and although for now the APK filtered only has functional part of the configuration, that reveals many details, starting by the Play Games icon, It is none other than a small command of videogames with traditional green Android ringtones.

Play Games everywhere

Between the highlighted features of this package have been indicated as follows:

  • Departures saved and synchronized: It seems that this option will be available and will allow users to synchronize saved games to continue later even in other devices.
  • Certified games: a reduced version of the gamepad in green tones will also indicate that certain games are validated to take advantage of all the possibilities for Play Games.
  • Multiplayer and invitations: Play Games offer multiplayer online game with players from our same level (matchmaking), and will also allow us to invite friends and acquaintances to play directly with (or against) us in all kinds of titles.
  • Achievements: It will also be possible to accumulate achievements (achievements), which shall be established by the developers in each game and are already a concept widely known in next-generation consoles and online gaming systems.
  • Scores and rankings: Play Games manage a global system of scores with a podium finish with the top-ranked 5 that probably resembles to Google + presents in its leisure branch when we confront our acquaintances in that platform in various games.


A fala that let us look at the finish of this important new development in Google Play, it is clear that with Play Games many of the wishes will be fulfilled of gamers on mobile phones based on Android.

It will be interesting to see how issues are handled as the Multiplayer servers, If games will manage all the user interface of this new system, and other many questions posed even this promising gaming platform for Android.