Google Play 4.8 Store, Now with Support for PayPal, Simplified Permissions and Improvements in The Interface

To last hour of the last late knew that Google Play already allows you to pay with PayPal but we have to have installed the version 4.8 the Store Play which has already started to get escalodada for everyone, which also comes with more news.

Google Play 4.8 Store, In addition to the PayPal support also simplifies the permissions list requiring an application, and that always show us before your installation or upgrade. Now only shows only the title of the permit together with new icons to make us more visual to recognize permissions. To view the description of each permission now will have to expand them by clicking on the arrow.

The new version of Google Play Store modify the interface and design of some sections and elements. For example, now on the sections to view the activity of people, an artist albums, chapters of series and other sections now show one transparent activity bar. Other changes that we find are new design for vote the content and they have been enlarging the buttons to install / update and uninstall applications to make it easier to click on them.

Also on the tab of the applications and games add at the end new paragraph “Additional information” so that the user can see more easily the latest version, the size of the application, the classification of content and access to her permissions.

Google Play 4.8 Store you will get form staggered around the world over the next few days. If you don’t want to wait you can install manually downloading the APK from the following link: