Google Play 4.5 Store, Now with The History of Activity, Procurement Indicator in Applications and More

The application Google Play Store is updated to the version 4.5.10 with quite a few new features. The most important is that we can now see the recent activity shared in Google Play.

If we click our profile from your side menu we will access this new section, in which we will see our activity in Google Play. There you will see the list of applications that we have reviewed and made + 1.

They also allow us to see activity on Google Play of our contacts, although at the moment not we can easily choose a contact, only when an application tell us that such contact has valued or + 1 on an application made.

Improve the applications tab to add new indicator Shopping in applications to warn us that this application has micropayments although not shown us the list of them as if it is the Apple App Store. This indicator is on the first tab of customer reviews, downloads, and size.

Google Play 4.5 Store It suggests we now assess applications to have quick tips from other similar applications and from the content tab we can now see our assessment without having to open it, next to the new button Edit.

In this version they also improve slightly the design to make a comment, with new icons for the stars, improving the list of comments, and apply changes in the Spanish translation, by changing “Google Store” “Play Store” and “Purchase applications” for “Purchasing applications”.

This new version will arrive automatically to all devices with Android 2.2 or higher over the next few days. If you don’t want to wait you can install the following file: