Google Maps Diving to Offer Us Images Street View of Ocean

Google Maps It has been proposed to bring us the planet Earth to the screen of our computer and Android device. Street View no longer complies with offer us images at 360 degrees of our cities, highways, businesses, universities, mountains or ski resorts, but it goes one step further to offer incredible images of our oceans.

The Google Maps team in partnership with the major scientific study of the world The Catlin Seaview Survey reefs begin to add now the first underwater panoramic images of the most important coral reefs of the six oceans.

Scuba diving and snorkeling lovers may already use Google Maps to dive comfortably from the screen of your devices and explore a small part of the vastness of the sea, as the great barrier reef located in Australia in which we see a turtle, diving along with a blanket stripe, or watch the sunset. We can also go to the volcanic island of Apo of the Philippines and see a coral with hundreds of years old rock or go to the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii, to join the Oahu Beach snorkel divers ’ s Hanauma or see the Molokini crater corral reef. To explore the ocean from our Android devices only have to click on the links so that they open with Google Maps for Android.