Google Gets Patent Facial Unblocking for Multiple Users

Thanks to the source code and patents we are knowing the future of Android. A month ago we saw that, we met thanks to the Jelly Bean source code that Google is preparing the support of multiple user accounts and today, thanks to a patent we know that you can access those accounts through the facial unlock.

The patent of the facial unblocking for multiple users It describes a method in which a user logs on through the front camera and facial recognition. If your face is associated with a profile will be identified and their respective user data will be loaded.

The Multiuser support looks like it’s coming in 5.0 Android (Key Lime Pie), version that is rumored to be announced at the end of this year. At the moment we know that is able to log with facial recognition and that their own data from applications, games, settings and desktop customization items will be saved for each user.