Google Daydream-Vr Works Also With Nexus 6 p – And Cardboard Holder Instead of An Official Headset

Although Google claims daydream runs only on pixel-phones: c’t has installed the virtual-reality system on a nexus 6 p, the official headset was not even necessary. Even the controller can emulate himself with a second Smartphone.

Google’s new virtual reality platform daydream runs contrary to the statement of the manufacturer’s available on other smartphones as pixels and pixels XL. In the c’t editorial managed easily to start the DAYDREAM software on a nexus 6 p – Headtracking and midnight feeling worked doing similarly well like on a pixel of XL and significantly better than standard VR apps.

Daydream interested 6P-Besitzer will need the APK files of the DAYDREAM-VR-apps. At least the DAYDREAM launcher and the DAYDREAM keyboard are required to start. Play store the apps as “non-compliant” are declared for the nexus 6 p, but still, they work. However, dominated the 6 p not “sustained performance mode important for VR” – and reduces the performance of high load, what leads to some time used (and thus to nausea).

The APKs were not running on Smartphones without Android 7 (nougat).

Cardboard the DAYDREAM-view headset instead of Image: heise online / c ‘to use tUm daydream, you need by the way not a daydream-view headset, c found’ out t. You can start the DAYDREAM apps manually, you can use the Smartphone also in an other mechanical VR bracket for example the c’t knowledge virtual reality enclosed cardboard glasses. The controller is absolutely required for daydream apps can emulate himself with a second Android Smartphone.

For this it is necessary the “controller emulator”-Download APK from Google and then pair the controller phone via Bluetooth with the DAYDREAM phone. Now one that tells that it should use the emulation instead of the real controller: in the DAYDREAM app on the gear, then tap on “Settings”. If you type seven times on the version number, the developer options are unlocked. Here you can select the Smartphone via Bluetooth-connected under “Steuerungsemulator”.