Golden Valley County, Montana Demographics

Golden Valley County, Montana Demographics

Golden Valley County, Montana is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, stretching from the Canadian border to Yellowstone National Park. The terrain is mostly mountainous with valleys, but there are also flat plains and rolling hills. The highest peak in Golden Valley County is Blacktail Peak at 11,166 feet above sea level. According to findjobdescriptions, the county has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and dry while winters can be cold and snowy. Average temperatures range from 22 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

The population of Golden Valley County is estimated to be around 20,000 people. The county seat is located in Dillon, Montana which has a population of about 4,000 people. Most of the population lives in small towns and villages spread throughout the county including White Sulphur Springs, Sheridan, Wisdom and Twin Bridges. There are also many farms and ranches that makeup part of the population as well as some mining operations scattered throughout the county.

Economy of Golden Valley County, Montana

Golden Valley County, Montana is home to a diverse economy that has seen steady growth over the past decade. The primary industries in the county are agriculture, tourism, and mining. Agriculture is the largest economic sector and includes cattle ranching, hay production, and wheat farming. Tourism is also a major contributor to the economy with many attractions such as Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky Resort, and Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park. Mining is also an important part of the economy with gold, silver, and copper being mined in various locations throughout the county.

The county also has a strong manufacturing sector that produces a variety of goods including furniture, wood products, steel products, and chemicals. A number of technology companies have located their operations in Golden Valley County as well due to its close proximity to Yellowstone National Park which attracts tourists from all over the world. The area also benefits from its location on Interstate 90 which passes through the county providing easy access for businesses who need to transport goods across state lines.

The unemployment rate in Golden Valley County is relatively low compared to other parts of Montana at around 3%. Most of the population works in either agriculture or tourism-related industries but there are also people employed in manufacturing and technology sectors as well. The median household income in Golden Valley County is approximately $50 thousand per year with most families having both parents working full-time jobs.

Libraries in Golden Valley County, Montana

According to babyinger, Golden Valley County, Montana is home to a number of libraries that serve the community with resources for learning and entertainment. The county library system is operated by the Golden Valley County Library System and includes five branches located in White Sulphur Springs, Sheridan, Wisdom, Twin Bridges, and Harrison. Each branch offers a variety of services such as books, magazines, newspapers, audio recordings, videos, DVDs, computers with access to the internet and wi-fi. Some branches also provide programs such as storytimes for children or book clubs for adults.

The libraries in Golden Valley County are committed to providing access to information and promoting literacy in the community. They offer a wide range of materials for all ages including books on a variety of topics from fiction to non-fiction; magazines; newspapers; audio recordings; videos; DVDs; computers with access to the internet and wi-fi; online databases; ebooks and audiobooks through their digital library service; programs such as storytimes for children or book clubs for adults; special events such as author visits or educational workshops.

In addition to these services offered by the library system in Golden Valley County they also provide resources for people who wish to pursue continuing education opportunities. The libraries offer courses on topics such as computer skills or foreign languages that are free of charge or at a discounted rate. They also have reference librarians available who can help people find information about specific topics they are researching.

The libraries in Golden Valley County offer a wealth of resources for its citizens ranging from books to educational courses and special events that promote literacy and learning throughout the community.

Landmarks in Golden Valley County, Montana

Golden Valley County, Montana

Golden Valley County, Montana is home to a number of beautiful and interesting landmarks that are worth exploring. One of the most iconic landmarks in the county is the White Sulphur Springs water tower, which stands as a beacon for visitors to the area. The water tower was built in 1925 and is an example of classic American architecture, with its red brick walls and white-domed roof.

Another iconic landmark in Golden Valley County is the historic Sheridan Inn, located in Sheridan. Built in 1898, this two-story hotel was named after General Philip Sheridan and served as a stage stop for travelers heading west. Now it serves as a museum and provides tours of its history and grounds.

The Dillon Dam is also an important landmark in Golden Valley County. This dam was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1916 and helped to provide irrigation for local farmers and ranchers. Today, it stands as a reminder of how far technology has come since its construction over 100 years ago.

The Big Hole River is another important landmark in Golden Valley County, Montana. This river runs through the county from Twin Bridges to Wisdom before eventually emptying into Beaverhead Lake near Dillon. It’s one of the most popular fishing spots in the region due to its abundance of rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, mountain whitefish, grayling, pikeminnow, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.

Finally, there’s the Harrison National Historic Site near Harrison which preserves some of the original homesteads from when settlers first arrived here over 150 years ago. Visitors can explore these historic buildings as well as learn about life on these homesteads from costumed interpreters or take part in special events such as living history demonstrations or cooking classes at one of their reconstructed cabins or barns.

These are just some of the many landmarks that can be found throughout Golden Valley County that offer visitors insight into its unique history and culture while also providing them with plenty of opportunities for exploration and recreation activities such as fishing or camping along its rivers or visiting one of its preserved historical sites.

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