Fiber to 300 Megs of Vodafone Now Includes One Year Free for PlayStation Plus

While we are assuming that the trend of incumbents is not of continue lowering prices of telecommunications, if it is expected that they will at least improve conditions that accompany the different deals with additives that are trying to draw our attention and being Vodafone one of the main reference.

First he did it with the possibility of adding YOMVI or Napster on certain fares, then with other services such as Dropbox Backup or SecureNet, recently added the possibility of hiring Netflix free for 6 months and now also added free subscription for a year to PlayStation Plus users who have contracted fiber to 300 megs.

Thanks to the agreement between Sony Computer Entertainment España and Vodafone Spain, all existing customers and new who hire Vodafone One 300 Mb before December 31 will have access to the best experience multiplayer online along with a package that includes 24 sets, exclusive discounts of up to 75% on the PlayStation Store and the ability to start to compete in the e-sports tournaments through the PlayStation official League on any platform and screen (TV, mobile phone, PC).

The initiative which represents a saving of 50 euros, aims to enable users to take most of the lower latency and faster fiber Ono connection but what happen to those who do not take advantage of these additives and prefer to minimize the monthly installments?