EU Commission Wants To Protect Consumers Against Penalties When Roaming

The new regime when roaming in other EU countries without additional telephony costs should come into force from June 2017. Waiting periods for legal action against supposedly abusive users arise from the current proposal for the provider.

In the struggle to free roaming in other European countries, the Commission has once again concretized its recent proposal. Provider can do about at the earliest after a period of four months because of alleged abuse against consumer, the competent Commissioner Andrus Ansip announced on Thursday in Brussels.

Also, even in the event of a violation of the established, a two-week warning period should apply before actually additional charges could be levied. The Commission wants to find a balance between the provider and consumer rights and ultimately to prevent the rise of telecommunications prices in the EU.

Criticism of Commission

The Brussels authority had already revised in September after criticism its first roaming proposal. According to the current plan, mobile phone users to benefit from mid 2017 without time limit and without additional cost roaming in other EU countries. The system should be based on the place of residence or a “fixed link” to an EU State. In principle, the European Parliament and EU States had agreed last year on eliminating roaming charges. “Permanent roaming” was not provided for in that decision, what this means in detail, should draw up the European Commission.

Representatives of the States to vote now on next Monday on the amended proposal. Also stand still negotiations between the European Parliament and the States, extent to which provider may themselves continue to network usage in accounting charges. According to the original time plan, should enter into force new roaming rules to the 15th June 2017. (dpa) / (lel)