Ericsson Boss: the Nordic Region Must Be a Leader in the Mobile Telephony Sector

Ericsson Chief Executive Hans Vestberg, has a vision that the Nordic countries should back in the driver’s seat in terms of mobile technology.

There was a time where most mobile owners had either a Nokia or Ericsson phone. The time was the Nordic region one of the leading countries in terms of mobile technology.

In recent years, it has gone down hill for the Nordic region, and much of the development is taking place now in Asia and the United States.

But we must have turned things around, and taken leadership believes Ericsson Chief Executive Hans Vestberg, back.

As mobile technology melts together with the Internet (the networked society), there will be new opportunities, which we must take advantage of. And in this context will be the mobile node believes Vestberg.

His Vestbergs vision is based on the fact that bandwidth and internet availability is not something you care about, because it’s everywhere in raw volumes, write

We see that the phones will be a focal point in our lives and the ones we are going to control other things with. In the old days used 90 percent of the time on call, ten percent to SMS. Now we have 95 percent of the time with a smartphone for something completely different, “says Hans Vestberg.

Vestberg believe that we face new revolutions: “We just don’t know what, because things are only being possible in these years.”