Entertainment and Attractions of Paphos, Cyprus

Entertainment and Attractions of Paphos, Cyprus

During archaeological excavations in the old city, a huge number of unique mosaics were discovered that were created long before the beginning of our era and adorned not only temples, but also the houses of wealthy citizens of ancient Paphos. Now there is a whole museum in the city, where the best mosaics are collected. In addition to these mosaics, it is worth going to look at another one that adorns the ancient temple of the god of wine and fun, Dionysus.

According to simplyyellowpages, there is also the ancient theater “Odeon”, where various performances and concerts are still held, allowing you to feel the unique atmosphere that reigned in the ancient Greek theater thousands of years ago.

Another interesting ancient building located in the city is the ruins of an ancient castle, the grandeur of which can be judged by the preserved 40 columns. And one of the most frequently visited tourist places is considered to be the complex “Royal Graves”, located right in the rock, in an underground necropolis. True, not blue-blooded people are buried here, just each tombstone looks like a work of art.

There are many Christian shrines in Paphos, because even the Apostle Paul preached in these lands. In the surrounding areas there are well-preserved and now functioning monasteries.

Almost all the ancient monuments of Paphos (the tombs of the kings, the catacombs of St. Solomon, the mosaics of the House of Dionysus, the column of the Apostle Paul and many others) are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and are under protection.

In honor of Aphrodite, many religious buildings were built here, and every guest of the city considers it his duty to visit her baths.

It is worth visiting the Akamas nature reserve, the fishing village of Latchi, as well as the monasteries of Agios Neophytos (St. Neophyte the Recluse) and Panagia Chrysoroyatissa (Our Lady of the Pomegranate).

Not far from Paphos is the Baths of Aphrodite, where, as local experts on mythology assure, the goddess of love and beauty came ashore from the sea foam. Unfortunately, visually, this is an unremarkable fragment of the coast, moreover, a little littered.

In honor of the goddess, many religious buildings were built here, and every guest of the city considers it his duty to visit her baths. After all, if you believe the legends, everyone who plunges into the local waters will retain youth and a beautiful appearance for many years.

In addition to beach holidays and a varied excursion program, Paphos is famous for its nature. In the middle of the city, a pine forest has grown, the healing air of which has been helping to get rid of diseases for many centuries in a row, and prolonging the life of everyone who walks along it. On the outskirts of the city there is a picturesque park where hundreds of species of birds and some exotic animals live. In addition to the fact that the alleys of the park are simply immersed in greenery, its inhabitants are happy to arrange all kinds of performances for their guests.

5 things to do in Paphos

  1. Look into the neighboring village of Geroskipou and buy the most delicious Turkish delight in the world (at least, so say its creators – Cypriot grandmothers).
  2. Dance at least once until the morning in one of the establishments on Bar Street.
  3. Find the savior and clever Ariadne on the colorful mosaic in Theseus’ villa.
  4. Feel like the same crow whose breath is in the goiter in the water park “Aphrodite”. But not from cheese, but from a slide with the exciting name “Free Fall”.
  5. Of course, arrange a swim around the stone of Aphrodite – to rejuvenate, fall in love, get prettier and never part with your loved ones (underline the necessary, as they say).

Paphos for children

Despite the fact that Paphos is considered a non-children’s resort (most of the hotels, but not all!, are not geared towards accepting kids), there is something for family tourists to do here.

Firstly, wander through the romantic ruins of the ancient Agora, try to imagine what Theseus’ house looked like centuries ago, and remember at least a piece from the favorite boyish epic “Odyssey”. Secondly, rush to the local water park. They say that it takes at least one day to ride on each slide of the Aphrodite. Thirdly, look into the Paphos Aquarium, where tropical and Mediterranean fish flutter brightly in 72 tanks. Finally, it is worth visiting the Bird Park – the noisiest, most colorful and colorful place in the entire resort. Pink flamingos, frowning owls, charming nosed toucans, cranes, graceful ibises, there are more than 63 species of parrots alone! The latter, by the way, arrange a real show in a miniature amphitheater: they drive cars, dance, play basketball. Tired of feathered living creatures, you can go to a small turtle farm, which is located in the vicinity of Paphos.


The climate of Paphos is typically Mediterranean, with dry summers and high rainfall between mid-November and March. But from the end of June to the beginning of September it gets hot and parky here (humidity reaches a significant 90%, while the thermometer stubbornly climbs over +30 ° C). But in the rest of the year the weather is mild and comfortable, as prolonged rains are not typical for the resort.

Winter is very mild, snow falls no more than once every 10 years, and melts rapidly. Therefore, many cafes and hotels in the resort do not close with the onset of “cold weather”, but, on the contrary, turn on the heating of pools and outdoor tables, and then lure guests with good discounts.

Attractions of Paphos, Cyprus

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