Elmore City, Oklahoma Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Elmore City, Oklahoma Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Elmore City is a small town located in Garvin County, Oklahoma, United States. Situated in the southern part of the state, Elmore City is surrounded by a picturesque landscape of rolling hills, verdant meadows, and serene farmlands. The town covers an area of approximately 1.3 square miles and has a population of around 700 residents. See smber for information about Albert, Oklahoma.

Elmore City is bordered by several cities and towns, each contributing to the unique character and charm of the region. To the north of Elmore City lies the city of Pauls Valley, which is the county seat of Garvin County. Pauls Valley is a vibrant city with a rich history and serves as a commercial hub for the surrounding communities. It offers a variety of amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities, making it a popular destination for residents of Elmore City.

To the west of Elmore City is the city of Maysville, another small community in Garvin County. Maysville is known for its friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community. The town offers a range of services and businesses to cater to the needs of its residents, including schools, medical facilities, and local shops. Maysville is also home to several parks and outdoor recreational areas, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and family-friendly fun.

Traveling south from Elmore City, one would come across the town of Wynnewood. Known for its oil and gas industry, Wynnewood is an important economic center in the region. The town is home to a refinery and other related industries, providing employment opportunities for the local population. Wynnewood also boasts a vibrant downtown area with shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions, making it a popular destination for both residents and visitors.

East of Elmore City lies the small community of Foster. With its close proximity to the Washita River, Foster offers beautiful natural scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities. Residents and visitors can enjoy fishing, boating, and camping in the nearby river and surrounding areas. Foster is a close-knit community, and its residents take pride in their rural lifestyle and the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Overall, Elmore City and its bordering cities offer a mix of rural charm and modern amenities. Residents of Elmore City can enjoy the tranquility of small-town living while having easy access to the services and facilities provided by the neighboring communities. The region’s natural beauty, strong sense of community, and proximity to larger cities make Elmore City an attractive place to call home. Whether it’s exploring the scenic countryside, participating in community events, or taking advantage of nearby amenities, there is something for everyone in and around Elmore City, Oklahoma.

Population, Schools and Landmarks in Elmore City, Oklahoma

Elmore City is a small town located in Garvin County, Oklahoma. With a population of around 800 residents, it is a close-knit community that prides itself on its small-town charm and friendly atmosphere.

According to Topschoolsintheusa, the town is home to Elmore City-Pernell Public Schools, which serves the educational needs of the local children. The district consists of an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. The schools are known for their commitment to academic excellence and provide a nurturing environment for students to learn and grow.

In terms of landmarks, Elmore City is perhaps best known for its annual tradition of the “Footloose Festival.” This festival pays homage to the town’s role in inspiring the iconic movie “Footloose.” Elmore City served as the inspiration for the fictional town of Bomont in the film, which centered around a story of rebellion against a ban on dancing. The festival includes live music, dance performances, and a variety of other events that celebrate the town’s cultural heritage.

Another notable landmark in Elmore City is the Elmore City Heritage Museum. This museum showcases the rich history and heritage of the town and its surrounding area. Visitors can explore exhibits detailing the early settlers, local industries, and significant events that have shaped the community over the years. The museum is a valuable resource for both residents and tourists interested in learning about the town’s past.

Elmore City is also known for its picturesque rural landscapes. Surrounded by rolling hills and open fields, the town offers a peaceful and scenic environment. The area is dotted with farms and ranches, which contribute to the town’s agricultural heritage. Locals take pride in their farming traditions, and agriculture continues to play a vital role in the local economy.

Despite its small size, Elmore City is not far from larger cities and attractions. It is approximately 75 miles south of Oklahoma City, the state capital, which offers a wide range of cultural, entertainment, and shopping opportunities. The town is also within driving distance of popular outdoor destinations, such as the Arbuckle Mountains and Lake Murray State Park. These natural areas provide opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, and other recreational activities.

In conclusion, Elmore City, Oklahoma, is a small town with a tight-knit community and a rich history. It is home to excellent public schools, including Elmore City-Pernell Public Schools, and features landmarks such as the Footloose Festival and the Elmore City Heritage Museum. The town’s rural landscapes and proximity to larger cities and natural attractions make it an appealing place to live or visit.

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