Dolphin Browser Will Be The Most Powerful Browser with The Arrival of Dolphin Engine

We start from the basis of find us before one of the most famous web browsers of the Android platform, and it is that Dolphin Browser has always been an appreciated among the users application. Some time ago that he came also to iOS, and continue steadfast in his career to become a recognized market browser.

The latest out of the Dolphin factory has been its new HTML5 rendering engine, that they have taught in a video to astonishment of friends and strangers, and that it become a Dolphin Browser in the faster and more powerful browser which exist on Android:

View the video at the original site.

The element in question is called Dolphin Engine, and it promises to break speed and quality Chrome, which is still in beta phase, as well as the default browser of Android, the most commonly used system right now on the platform.

Dolphin HTML5test score with its new engine is of 450 points, leaving out almost all its competitors:

Innovations are focused on the improvement of canvas, with an evolution in the rendering of elements of this type, text and 2D content. Also taking advantage of the GPU has been improved to display 3D graphics.

Although it is still in development, fortunately now we can test your browser downloading the application from this link:

Dolphin Browser with Dolphin Engine beta