Dolphin Browser and Its New Engine, It Is as Fast as It Seems

Yesterday saw as Dolphin Browser pulled chest showing the potential of Dolphin Engine, a new engine which made him, according to some tests shown, the fastest Android browser. So far so good. However, in a test of parallel to that shown by its creators seems told by Dolphin is not quite true.

Nawoanor, a user of the Reddit community, has shown in a test using BrowserMark as the web browser of the Dolphin does not come out so well. So have you got your Galaxy Nexus and has been passed to Chrome, the web browser by default from version 4.0.4 and the new Dolphin Browser HD.

The score, while higher better, shows that the other two browsers are slightly faster, Chome being the fastest with a difference of nearly 30,000 points. That comes by default in Ice Cream Sandwich also shows superior performance at Dophin, although the difference is somewhat lower.

With this, it doesn’t have to mean that this new engine is mediocre. Just at the time of claiming to be the fastest, it is appropriate to pass various tests to see if it is indeed so or otherwise is not so good how we want it to sell. Will have to test it thoroughly and use it on a daily basis and check if it is the speed that both presumed.