Distractions At The Wheel: Us Transport Authority Calls On Smartphone Maker

The US traffic authority NHTSA has made proposals for new directives which should animate manufacturer of smartphones and other devices to do this, to develop inter alia a special drive to reduce the distractions at the wheel mode.

The US Department of transportation would like to tackle more distractions by Smartphones and other technical devices while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a proposal for voluntary guidelines for addressing among other manufacturers of smartphones and tablets.

Easier operation, reduced functionality

The authority had already turned to auto makers in 2013 with voluntary guidelines and asked her to reduce the distractions by technology built into the car. Manufacturer should ensure that motorists would captured by the built-in infotainment systems, navigation systems and call supports too much while driving. Among other things, you should ensure that drivers can also use the technology without having to look from the street. Also, they should allow some functions only in operation and lock while driving.

Now is the new appeal to manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and other technical devices, which are used in cars or later installed. The guidelines should encourage producers to such a way to minimize distractions while driving the equipment. Among other things, manufacturers could more clearly support the pairing function to connect smartphones and tablets with the car’s Infotainment system that is anyway less distracted travellers. Also a “driver mode” could be developed, as he roughly through the app “Android car” is known, and a user interface and a voice control provide the users, that is optimized for the use in the car.

Automatically switch to

The Authority hopes that smartphones and tablets are automatically in a “driver mode”, when a car is moving and about no pairing takes place, looks but also the technical hurdles. A system that among other things could distinguish whether a driver and not a rider using a Smartphone while driving, had already been developed, become refined even further, to detect reliably who uses just the device. It will that the technique does not “overly nerve” and more practical working also. Currently, you must set so that motorists will enable such a mode.

The new policy can still be changed – manufacturers can introduce yet suggestions or leave costs incurred including an assessment. Are the guidelines by 2016 finalized could they (the NHTSA speaks 1 and phase 2 by guidelines of the phase) be summed up with those from the year 2013 to a larger set of rules.

Common sense

Transport Minister Anthony Foxx stressed that the proposed guidelines “commonsense” be and will help product designers to develop products that reduce the distractions at the wheel. On the occasion of Thanksgiving again millions of Americans with the car are on the way, and far too many of them would jeopardize drivers, which are distracted from their phones.

In Germany is being considered through higher fines and penalties for the use of smart phones at the wheel. Also explicitly, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt wants to expand the cell phone ban driving on other devices like tablets and E-book reader. (kbe)