Distracted By Smartphone Game: Prison For Dispatchers From Bad Aibling

Many had expected a sentence, and so it was also. Ten months after the collision of two trains in Bavaria the accused is convicted, inter alia for negligent manslaughter.

After the disastrous train wreck of Bad Aibling, with 12 dead, the dispatcher is sentenced to three and a half years in prison. The railway workers is guilty of manslaughter and the negligent bodily injury as the Landgericht Traunstein was on Monday. In the collision of two trains on February 9 in Upper Bavaria, also almost 90 people were been injured some critically. The Court said one of the most frightening accidents in recent years.

At the beginning of the process, the railway workers had been to have played the fantasy RPG “Dungeon Hunter 5” on his cell phone until shortly before the collision of two trains on February 9 in the upper Bavarian spa town. This involves the killing of demons. Nevertheless, the rules of the Deutsche Bahn prohibit private use of smartphones in the service.

Provided false signals

Distracted by playing the dispatcher was several signals in the signal box at that Unglücksmorgen wrong, the multi-day evidence confirmed the determination results in the process. When an emergency call, the 40-year to all disaster pushed even a wrong button. The alarm did not reach the train driver. The head-on collision on single line was no longer to prevent.

To a conviction for manslaughter more had passed no doubt after six days of negotiations. Because even the defenders of the driving head conceded this. However, they were a suspended sentence for sufficient. At most came for the lawyers challenged a prison sentence of up to two and a half years.

Obsolete technology

The public prosecutor’s Office had requested, however, four years prison. The survivors of deaths and injured passengers joined as plaintiff of this requirement essentially. The maximum penalty for manslaughter is five years. The Court emphasised in his verdict, everyone had contributed to a “calm and objective negotiation style”.

It was known in the process also that the railway on the crash line uses outdated signalling technology for more than 30 years. A provision of 1984, to install additional ads, was not implemented, as a federal State railway accident expert testified. The railway must do so only within their financial means. (dpa) / (axk)