Developers Can Upload Beta and Alpha Versions Deprived of Their Applications in Google Play

Many developers offer Beta and Alpha versions of your applications so that users don’t have to wait for the stable version to test new features or new applications. With these versions users reported errors detected in these early versions so that they be corrected until they launch the final version for everyone during the development.

Until today Google Play not offered official support for these versions of testing. Developers or fling publicly on Google Play these versions or did so through its websites offering the APK to manually install.

Google has announced that now developers can already upload updates their applications in Google Play Alpha and Beta to offer them for private users. These versions do not appear in searches and developers can specify that only can download the application users who remain with a particular Google or a Google + community group created by the developers.

The comments that the users of these versions will not be public, they will be private to only seen developers so that they can improve the application and when the application see list throw the final public version for everyone. In addition, developers can control its user base with deployments by stages.

This measure Google tries to avoid that she users download from unknown sources these versions and developers who wish to offer them by Google Play may have them in private so not everyone can download them, since many users don’t know that they are development versions and appreciate them negatively if it is not quite right or missing options.