Customs and Traditions of United Kingdom

Customs and Traditions of United Kingdom


According to Countryaah, one of the most popular religious movements in the UK is Protestantism (Anglican Church). Presbyterian and Catholic churches also spread. The country is home to one of the largest Muslim communities in Western Europe.

Rules of conduct in the UK

Staying in the UK imposes certain obligations on the tourist. To avoid problems with the authorities, as well as misunderstanding of local residents, you should follow the basic rules of conduct.

Communication. During the conversation, try not to touch on personal topics. Local residents will perceive this as an attempt to invade privacy. They always listen carefully to the interlocutor, but this does not mean that they agree with him. Never talk to an Englishman about the people of Northern Ireland- this will cause coldness and neglect of you. You will also be treated if you call an Irishman or a Welshman (Welsh) an Englishman. Don’t talk to Brits in line or on the subway. During communication, speak in a calm, even voice, without the use of slang and stupid remarks. Don’t copy a British accent.

Rules. In the UK, they are zealous about the observance of rules and laws.

Business Cards. If you are visiting, then refrain from exchanging business cards. It is better to do it at an official reception.

Clothing. In England, it is customary to change clothes for dinner. Moreover, if you live with an English family, then every day you must have a new dress (suit). You should not appear on the streets in clothes made of natural fur.

Smoking. Smoking is prohibited on the London Underground, inside stadiums, on public transport or indoors where there are many people. It is better to do this on the street, in a private car, a hotel room, or in specially designated smoking areas.

Hotels. Bathrooms in hotel rooms often lack a shower hose. This is due to the fact that it is customary for the British to take a bath. They wash themselves in a sink filled with water.
Overnight stay. At night, many London houses are cool even in summer. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are offered to take a heating pad with you to bed.
Lunch. In the UK, it is not uncommon for ladies and gentlemen to dine in separate rooms.

Greetings. When meeting, the British say to each other “How do you do?”. The handshake is always light. In some cases, a man waits for a woman to give him the first hand. If people meet often, then they do not shake hands with each other.

Away behavior. It is impolite to come to visit without a prior call. Do not look at the house or garden on your own, wait for the owner. Turn your plate slightly away from you while eating. Leave some food on your plate at the end of your meal. At the end of the dinner, the host lifts the napkin, only after that the guests can disperse from the table. Be sure to send a thank you note to the host of the dinner the next day. If after the reception you are given a gift, then accept it with gratitude.

Restaurant. In the UK, there is an unspoken rule: dinner in a restaurant is paid by the invitee. To call the waiter, just raise your hand.

attitude towards women. It is customary for the British to treat ladies with respect. Men stand up when a woman enters the room, move her chair away, open the door, give way to a seat in the transport. Women should sit up straight. It is forbidden to cross your legs, but you can cross them at the ankles.

A few more rules. Always skip ahead those who are older than you in rank or age. When entering a room, hold the door behind you. Always stand up during the “God Save the Queen” anthem. Be polite more often. Say “thank you” and “please” at every opportunity.


National holidays and weekends in the UK:

  • New Year – 1, 2 January
  • Patrick’s Day (Ireland) – March 17
  • Good Friday – this day falls on Holy Week
  • Bright Monday – the first day after Easter
  • Christmas – December 25, 26
  • “Glorious 12 August” (Glorious Twelfth)

An important role in the life of the British is occupied by various festivals. Check agooddir for recent history of United Kingdom. Here are some of them:

  • Flower Festival – held in May in Chelsea;
  • The Queen’s birthday is the largest and most solemn holiday, celebrated in mid-June;
  • Caribbean Carnival – Held in Notting Hill in August. During the celebration, Caribbean music is played;
  • Glastonbury Music Festival – The celebration takes place among the Welsh hills, celebrated in June.

Customs and Traditions of United Kingdom

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