Customs and Traditions of Poland

Customs and Traditions of Poland

Language and religious features

The official language in Poland is Polish. English, German and Russian are also used in the country.

Poland ‘s main religion: Roman Catholic.

Poland is the most Catholic country in Eastern Europe, the church occupies one of the important places in the life of the country and takes an active part in economic and socio-political activities.

When visiting a church at the entrance, you must kneel with your head bowed and cross yourself, entering the interior, you should be careful not to bump into other parishioners. You can watch the service from the side aisles or back rows. Check agooddir for recent history of Poland.

Photography is not prohibited in the church, but the use of a flash can interfere with the service, so it should be removed. All types of photography are allowed only during weddings or other mass celebrations. Church-museums with an entrance fee allow photography only for a fee.


According to Countryaah, the population of Poland is more than 38 million people, of which about 97% are Catholics, and the rest are representatives of other faiths: Lutherans, Orthodox, Jews, Calvinists and Greek Catholics.

The Poles are quite friendly people, so tourists, as a rule, have no problems in their relationship with the locals, subject to basic rules of conduct.

Poles especially value respect for their national culture, history and traditions.

Public holidays in Poland

  • New Year – January 1;
  • Easter – March-April;
  • Easter Monday – March-April;
  • Labor Day – May 1;
  • Day of the Constitution, which took place in 1791 – May 3;
  • Feast of the Body of the Lord (usually celebrated on Thursday, 2 months after Easter) – May-June;
  • Holiday of the Polish Army – August 15;
  • Assumption – August;
  • All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day – October 30 – November 2;
  • Independence Day – November 11;
  • Christmas is celebrated from 25 to 26 December.

Customs and Traditions of Poland

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