Customs and Traditions of Cyprus

Customs and Traditions of Cyprus

Language and religious features

According to Countryaah, official language of Cyprus is Greek. Turkish and English are also spoken. Some of the locals speak German and French.

The main religion on the island is Orthodoxy. It is represented by 77% of the population of the Republic. Islam accounts for 18% and 5% for other religious movements.

Cyprus iota religions. Therefore, carefully monitor your behavior so as not to offend the religious feelings of local residents. It is especially not recommended to enter the church in an inappropriate form (without a headdress or in shorts).

Behavior rules

To tourists on Cyprus is generally friendly. For you, sellers can even arrange a tasting in the store or give you a souvenir.

Arriving to rest in Cyprus, you should adhere to the following rules of conduct:

  • If you are visiting and you are treated to some dish, then try to finish it to the end – this is a sign of politeness. It is also not customary to refuse drinks.
  • When you are asked to pass something, do it with your right hand only. The Cypriots pass the dishes at the table mainly to the older ones.
  • Photography. Before taking photographs in holy places, ask the clergyman for permission.
  • During their stay in hotels, men must wear trousers and a shirt, and women must wear a dress or evening trousers. For skinny or topless swimming, choose a secluded spot. Otherwise, you will arouse the indignation of the locals.
  • Mosque or church. When visiting religious institutions, women must cover their shoulders, while men are required to wear long trousers for this period.
  • Finds. Lifting from the bottom of the sea things of archaeological value, and their removal from the territory of Cyprus and without permission are prohibited.
  • Help. If necessary, you can always turn to the locals for help. They will explain how to get to the place you need, sometimes they can guide you.
  • Tipping. Service personnel of hotels, restaurants, etc. will always expect tips from you, even if the service fee is included in the bill.
  • Entertainment. On the Cyprus there are popular Greek music and dance. The intensity of passions comes at the moment when sirtaki sounds. At this moment, dishes are thrown under the feet of the dancers, which, shattering to smithereens, add even more enchantment to the dance.


Cypriot Yots are very fond of holidays and celebrations and celebrate them with special solemnity. In addition to official celebrations, many ancient rituals and traditions are observed in the villages. The most carefully adhere to the rules for celebrating Christmas, Easter, New Year and Epitaph (a holiday in honor of the three Magi). Check agooddir for recent history of Cyprus.

Public holidays in Cyprus are:

  • New Year – January 1
  • Epiphany – January 6
  • Greek Independence Day – March 25
  • Greek Cypriot Day – April 1
  • Easter and Good Friday – these dates are set according to the lunar calendar
  • Spring and Labor Day – May 1
  • Assumption of the Virgin – August 15
  • Independence Day of Cyprus – October 1
  • Ohi Day is a national holiday. Celebrated October 28
  • Christmas – December 25-26

In addition, Cypriots celebrate more than 40 unofficial holidays. The most popular of them:

  • Wine Festival – celebrated in Limassol. The celebration program includes wine tasting, as well as various competitions and concerts.
  • Fig Festival – celebrated in the village of Zakaki (located near Limassol)
  • Flower Fair in Paphos
  • Folk Dance Festival – Held annually in Limassol
  • September Festival – these days there are exhibitions of fine arts.

Customs and Traditions of Cyprus

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