Cross County, Arkansas Demographics

Cross County, Arkansas Demographics

Cross County, Arkansas is located in the eastern part of the state and is bordered by St. Francis County to the north, Poinsett County to the east, Woodruff County to the south, and White County to the west. The county seat is Wynne, which is also its largest city. Cross County covers an area of 579 square miles and has a population of 17,814 people (as of 2020).

The geography of Cross County consists mostly of rolling hills with some flatlands in its northern regions. The Cache River runs through it from east to west and is fed by several tributaries including Bayou Deview which flows through Wynne. The county also includes several smaller lakes such as Red Bank Lake in Parkin and Lake Austell near Hoxie.

According to findjobdescriptions, the climate in Cross County is classified as humid subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures reach an average high of 92°F (33°C) during the summer months while winter temperatures can drop as low as 31°F (-1°C). Rainfall amounts are fairly consistent throughout the year with an average annual precipitation amount of 47 inches (119 cm).

Cross County has a diverse population that includes a mix of both rural and urban communities. The largest city in Cross County is Wynne with a population of 8,872 people followed by Parkin with 1,094 residents. Other notable towns include Cherry Valley (699), Hoxie (664), Palestine (547), McCrory (507), Hickory Ridge (351), Oak Grove (349), Gregory (300) and LaGrange (295).

The economy in Cross County relies heavily on agriculture with cotton being one of its main crops followed by corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Other significant industries include manufacturing, retail trade and tourism due to its proximity to nearby attractions such as Crowley’s Ridge State Park or Village Creek State Park which offer camping sites, hiking trails and other outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

Economy of Cross County, Arkansas

The economy of Cross County, Arkansas is largely driven by agriculture, with cotton being the main crop followed by corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. The county is also home to several manufacturing companies that produce a variety of goods including furniture, clothing, paper products and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, retail trade and tourism are significant contributors to the local economy due to its proximity to nearby attractions such as Crowley’s Ridge State Park or Village Creek State Park which offer camping sites, hiking trails and other outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

Agriculture is the primary source of employment in Cross County. The county has over 400 farms ranging in size from small family-owned operations to larger commercial operations. Cotton is the most widely grown crop with over 150 farms cultivating it throughout the county. Corn is also a major crop with over 75 farms growing it for both human consumption as well as for livestock feed. Soybeans are grown on over 50 farms while wheat and hay are grown on smaller scale operations scattered throughout the county.

Manufacturing is another important industry in Cross County that provides jobs for many local residents. The county has numerous factories producing a variety of goods including furniture, clothing, paper products and pharmaceuticals. Retail trade is also an important part of the local economy with numerous stores located in Wynne and other towns throughout the county selling everything from groceries to apparel and electronics. Tourism plays an important role in Cross County’s economy as well due to its proximity to several state parks offering camping sites, hiking trails and other outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

Cross County’s economy provides numerous job opportunities for its citizens through agriculture, manufacturing, retail trade and tourism which all contribute significantly towards its overall economic growth.

Libraries in Cross County, Arkansas

According to babyinger, Cross County, Arkansas is home to several libraries that provide a variety of services and resources to its residents. The Cross County Library System, headquartered in Wynne, consists of six branches located throughout the county and serves over 23,000 patrons annually. All branches offer free Wi-Fi, computers with Internet access, printing and copying services as well as media collections including books, magazines, newspapers and DVDs. Additionally, many of the branches host a variety of programs such as book clubs, story times for children and educational lectures.

The main branch of the Cross County Library System is located in Wynne at the corner of Highway 64 and Highway 1. This branch offers an extensive collection of books including fiction and nonfiction titles for all ages as well as audiobooks. Patrons can also find magazines, newspapers and DVDs available for loan. A large computer lab is also available which features both Windows-based computers with Internet access as well as Macs with Office software installed. Additionally, this branch provides access to a number of online databases such as Ancestry Library Edition which can be used for genealogical research or ProQuest which can be used for academic research.

The Parkin Branch Library in Parkin offers a smaller selection than the main branch but still provides many services and resources to its patrons including books (both fiction and nonfiction), magazines, newspapers and DVDs. In addition to these materials this branch also has two computers with Internet access that are available for public use along with an array of online databases such as EBSCOhost which can be used for research purposes or Mango Languages which can be used to learn new languages.

The Vanndale Branch Library located in Vanndale is another great resource for patrons in the area offering books (both fiction and nonfiction), magazines, newspapers and DVDs along with two computers with Internet access. This library also hosts various programs such as story times for children or craft activities on select Saturdays throughout the year so patrons can come together to learn something new or just have fun.

Finally, there are three additional branches located throughout Cross County: The Cherry Valley Branch Library in Cherry Valley; The Hickory Ridge Branch Library in Hickory Ridge; And The Palestine Branch Library in Palestine. Each one offers similar services including books (both fiction & nonfiction), magazines & newspapers along with two computers each equipped with Internet access & an array of online databases such as EBSCOhost & Mango Languages that can be used by patrons who need help researching or learning something new.

In conclusion, Cross County’s library system provides numerous resources both physical & digital that serve its citizens’ needs when it comes to reading material & educational opportunities alike. With six convenient locations throughout the county, it’s easy to find a library near you no matter where you live so come visit one today.

Landmarks in Cross County, Arkansas

Cross County, Arkansas

Cross County, Arkansas is home to a variety of beautiful landmarks that have been admired by both locals and visitors for generations. Located in the northeast corner of the state, Cross County is known for its rich history and culture that can be seen throughout its many attractions. From historical sites to natural wonders, here are some of the most popular landmarks in Cross County:

First up is The Old Courthouse Museum located in Wynne. This museum was built in 1873 and features exhibits on local history, art, and culture. Visitors can also explore the grounds which include a historic courthouse, jail cells, and an old-fashioned general store.

Next is Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge located just outside of Wynne. This refuge offers a variety of outdoor activities such as bird watching, hiking trails, fishing spots, and more. The refuge also features a boardwalk trail that winds through the wetlands where visitors can learn about the various wildlife species living in this area.

The historic town of Parkin is home to several unique attractions such as the Parkin Archeological State Park which preserves an ancient Native American village site from around 1200 AD. Visitors can explore this historical site which includes interpretive trails with displays about past inhabitants as well as access to artifacts found at the site.

The Vanndale Historic District is another popular landmark in Cross County located just outside of Vanndale city limits. This district contains several buildings from 19th century Vanndale including an old bank building, schoolhouse, post office building and more. Visitors can take a self-guided tour through these buildings to learn more about Vanndale’s past while admiring its unique architecture.

Finally, there’s Hickory Ridge Natural Area located just outside Hickory Ridge city limits. This area consists of over 50 acres of natural beauty with plenty of hiking trails for visitors to explore. The area also has several lakes where visitors can enjoy fishing or boating activities as well as numerous picnic areas perfect for families looking for a day out in nature.

From historical sites to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Cross County. Whether you’re looking for educational opportunities or just want to spend some time outdoors admiring nature’s beauty there are plenty of landmarks here sure to please all types of travelers.

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