Comparisons of Pixel C, Pro and Pro 3 Surface iPad Tablets

Google, Apple and Microsoft are the three giants of the mobility market. In this comparison, we will address their three tablets high-end, for individuals and professionals.

Of many hybrid tablets are flooding the market. This comparison will present you the jewels of the three dominant brands in this market with productivity-oriented machines. Note that this is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that is being compared, the Surface Pro 4 remains far ahead in terms of price.


Productivity, a large screen is necessary to ensure maximum comfort for the user. Our three contestants have slabs larger than size, ranging from 10.2″ to the Pixel C of Google to 12.9″ for the iPad Pro from Apple. The Surface Pro 3 comes in the middle with a diagonal of 12″. To ensure good legibility, the definition also must be high. The Google Tablet has a better resolution than its competitor with 306 ppi (2560 x 1800 px) so that the Surface Pro 3 has 216 ppi (2160 x 1440 px) and iPad Pro 265 ppi (2732 x 2048 px).

Technology Retina is like the usual presents, allowing an excellent rendering of colors and contrasts on the iPad Pro. If you are looking for comfort first of all, the Apple tablet will probably be the most adapted to your needs.


Working on many leaves of calculations or the video editing can ask a lot of power to a processor. Builders have understood and offer their best in their machines. The Pixel C is given the Tegra X 1, a processor used on the game console SHIELD Android TV Nvidia, probably what is better right now at the level of the processors for mobile devices. These are no less than3 GB of RAM that accompany all, the Google tablet will be suitable to support all types of uses, even the most intensive. The Pro of Apple iPad has when his new A9X processor, the most powerful of the Cupertino company who says that this component delivers almost two times more power than the iPad Air 2. Add to that 4 GB of RAM and optimization almost perfect enjoy all Apple devices, you’ll have an idea of the monster of power is this tablet large format.

The Pro 3 Microsoft Surface is not left with the integration of processors Intel Core of 4th generation (Haswell). Various models are available: Core i3, i5, or i7 with 4 or 8 GB of RAM. The power is almost identical to that of a desktop PC. The many versions of the Surface Pro 3 will allow you to choose a really polished model according to your needs. We recommend you to turn to this tablet if you are looking for maximum power.


A nice screen and great performance, is good. But if the BONE is limited in its functionality, productivity suffers quickly.Unfortunately, this is what going to happen with the Pixel that takes Android 6 Marshmallow. As nice as is on a family tablet, the little green robot is not the most polished for maximum productivity. For example, it cannot display two windows side by side, something that its competitors iOS 9 and 10 Windows can do. From this point of view, it is still Microsoft which comes out best with Windows 10 and the suite Office 360. The Redmond OS is more usable with a mouse or finger in an easy way.

When IOS 9, is located just in the middle with multi-window useful and simple feature, but here too the BONE is not necessarily the most adapted to pure productivity. If you use that little style spreadsheet or word-processing apps, Android and iOS will be perfect for you thanks to their simplicity and usability. However, we recommend Windows 10 for productivity tasks, even if this OS requires more time and patience to the best advantage.


Our three tablets of this comparison have each option for a Smart Cover type keyboard that can focus and withdraw on the fly. The iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 3 use aware of their respective Tablet thanks to specific connectors, while the Pixel C has its own battery and connects with Bluetooth. Once again, it is probably Microsoft who wins this comparison with Type Cover.Indeed, this mechanical keyboard allows not only protect the Tablet, but it also has a touch pad to move the mouse on the screen. An option that is essential for maximum productivity.

Other accessory become essential in recent years: the touch pen. Thanks to him, it becomes possible to retouch images on the display, to take notes, etc… The shelves of Microsoft and Apple have a stylus (optional at Apple), while Google ignores top.Hard to know which model is the most accurate without thorough testing, but the idea to what seduce lovers of digital drawing.


If you are looking for a Tablet designed for productivity, then the Surface Pro 3 is probably the ideal machine thanks to its many variants and Windows 10, an OS suitable for this kind of task. The entry price for this machine is currently € 849 official website and can be up to € 1719 for the more powerful version (Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD). The iPad Apple’s Pro can when to him prove to be a good compromise if you’re looking for a more versatile tablet with some features like the multi-fenetrage for example. The call price is € 919 (32 GB, Wi – fi). Google’s Pixel C is probably the least suited to do word processing or other, but will remain the ideal choice for the budget minded, its base price being € 499 for 32 GB version.

All these machines then offer their accessories to share, which leaves you the choice… to choose what suits you best;