Comparison Test: Camera Phones

Mobiles cameras have taken another step in its development. We test the capable mission best.

Did you think that developments in camera phones had reached its peak, you thought wrong. Certainly, we have seen developments in a frantic pace in recent years, but nevertheless it will constantly new technology mobile phone’s camera. Only in the last set of top of the range we see news that laser focus, dual camera lenses for 3D effect and a lot of other things. For today is all manufacturers ‘ top models best at everything. We had previously pronounced camera phones, music phones, design mobiles and so on, but today, we expect that cell phones should be the best at everything. There may be some hair pulled say that the 4-5 large established manufacturers ‘ phones are, or they have that ambition. To the top models from the major manufacturers as we test here you can add phones from something that today still gets called ones. Some of them have begun on a small scale but is now starting to grow internationally. The fact is that in some areas in all cases can compete even with the very best today and then often despite a price tag that is only a fraction of what the Giants will take their flagship.

Development of camera phones is carried out in parallel in several areas. On the one hand it gets the optics clean hardware wise everything better and such as light sensitivity when shooting in lower lighting is much better today than the last time we tested the camera phones in a larger comparison. The second area where development is that most clearly is on the software front, and there in the first place apps and features that allow you to change the expression of the image after you take it. Some of the features are based on the hardware (as the dual camera lenses in HTC One M8) and the other on software at the time of shooting (as in 930 Nokia Lumia bracketing) or other solutions for selective blur in a part of the image that Sony and Samsung offers.

We start with what may be the most exciting release. LG G3 is one of the newest phone in the test and it offers several innovations, not least on the right camera area. Most spectacular is the laser that will do wonders for the autofocus. The are we so clearly hårdtesta and compare with competitors ‘ solutions, but we start in a different end.

It is interesting to see when a manufacturer suddenly changes its strategy. The idea behind LG G3 I was with at the launch in London had told me many times. Almost everything is about to peel away and simplify. The kameraappens interface is noticed this by the menus properly slimmed down compared to earlier and many choices have simply been prioritised away. Fewer buttons and fewer opportunities.There is a clear drive to the Apple way. In the simplest most pared-down mode LG G3 not a single settings icon in sökarvyn. Then it’s intended that you should pull directly on the screen. In the Advanced mode, Setup wise in all cases, the three icons and a gear which will take you to more settings, but even they are very extensive. It’s almost as if LG is better than Apple that strip away choice and we may not set the ISO or exposure manually when we take pictures. An advanced mode with more opportunities to set the times needed would have been nice.

Under lanseringseventet for LG G3 made the LG one big deal of the laser to make auto focusing faster. One can discuss how effective the method is, but more interesting is that as we do in this test simply see how effective it is in practice. In the comparison with the competitors that we make this stand out because the autofocus in the LG G3 is not positive. In fact, it instead is Samsung Galaxy S5 that exhibiting the fastest autofocus and it applies whether we test macro shots a few centimeters from the lens of the camera or subjects that are further away and moves.

When we tested the LG G3 as mobile camera and compared to other phones in the test, it is above all in the darkness that LG G3 stands out. It is able to take good pictures when it’s a little bit worse light, and the result is great regardless of whether you use the photo light or run, but to get more natural lighting. LG G3 has as well as the Iphone and HTC dual photo lamps with different hue so that the light can be adjusted according to available light, for example, to provide more natural tones even when using photo lamp. This can be seen most clearly when taking portrait photos when it is a little bit worse light.

Dual photo lamps
Good in the dark
Clean interface

Very clean interface
No use of the laser

IPhone 5S
When it comes to how simple camera functions in a cell is to use, it’s always a tradeoff. Either choice many and use awkward or make choices and thus make things go wrong on. In the best of worlds have been combined into this so clearly many possibilities to control the outcome, but still in an interface where you do not misplace. Apple and their Iphone has always been special. The options are almost non-existent. If you look historically, so has the Iphone and its operating system got more and more choice in the camera app, but it is still far from all competitors. On the one hand, doing this that it is not so much you need to consider when you want to photograph, on the other hand, it means that you can’t choose resolution or control exposure completely as you want. The features that are available, such as serial imaging, filter, locking focus and exposure and HDR and photo control lamp, is nicely integrated so that the interface will not be insurmountable. Rather, it is so that everyone might not find the few options that are there. You may need some help along the way.

Given how little you can control in the iPhone’s camera, it is a bit surprising that it still is doing so well in the competition. The camera has, of course, largely just a Auto mode and very few setting options, but still images in comparison with the other really good. Color fidelity and detail is good. Flash gives nice, even lighting and photo lights with different tint allows even portrait images when it is a little bit worse light, credible skin tones and to avoid spökvita faces that might otherwise be the case. When we take pictures in the dark without Flash ranks Iphone 5S somewhere in the middle of the field. It is not the best but don’t have to be ashamed of themselves. The extra features that many of our competitors are offering, however, is conspicuous by its absence, and the only thing that the Iphone offers in that area is the panorama feature that is built into the camera app.The lack of extras, however, can to some extent be offset by the sheer number of apps with photo features available for Ios, but then you have to be making the effort and find the hidden gems in the range.

Great Auto mode
Simple interface

Get Extras
Get settings

Sony Xperia Z2
It was Sony Xperia Z2 that I before I started the test thought would win the final victory. I knew previously, after having tested it, that it is good in the dark as well as the interface is a good combination of simplicity and scalability and manual settings. The phone itself is also water resistant, do not make things worse.

In the interface in the camera app has Sony generally succeeded very well just because those who said combines many possibilities to influence the results at the same time as the interface does not become overwhelming. So how do you achieve it? Well, sharing it all up so that the features you use most often can be seen directly in sökarvyn while other more advanced settings that you do not use as often, see a deeper menu structure sorted by still, video, and other settings. A bonus is the little extras that exist directly in the camera app and where external companies also may join. Apps that exploit the camera in any way can thus be sure to end up right here, which is smooth. This applies, for example the Twitter video service Wine, Flightradar and Evernote, but unfortunately, many more not hooked on. A disadvantage of this is that Sony themselves added some common camera features that add-in here, which means that it can be difficult to know if I should look for a specific setting/mode among extraprogrammen or among the camera’s setting menus.

Pictorial makes Sony Xperia Z2 get error. It really only image category which it fails is when we’re going to take a self portrait in backlight with the phone’s front camera, for which successful phone with face recognition and can not compensate for backlight. It is otherwise something that Z2 when using the main camera is really good at. Color reproduction is generally quite good and even HDR mode is beneficial when you want to capture images that contain both shadows and highlights. There is, however, a note, on paper offers Sony Xperia Z2 twenty megapixel. However, in practice you usually have access to far fewer megapixels. To even be able to enable HDR mode requires I manually set the number of megapixels from 20.7 to 8. Only then will the menu selection available and the same goes for auto mode. In auto mode automatically sets the megapixelantalet down to 8 and it without even getting information about it. “with that said, in all cases the images good when we look at them.

Adaptive by motif

Lower resolution in auto mode

Samsung Galaxy S5

There are plenty of options in the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S5, yes nearly so that it becomes too much.

In the Setup menu of the camera in Samsung Galaxy S5 we are greeted by 27 different icons. Good in this context is that you can easily choose which of these you use most frequently and put those four shortcuts directly in the viewfinder screen, but to look through the other as soon as we have to do something else quickly becomes overwhelming. To even find the function you’re looking for while your subject just appeared is difficult and it would have been easier if they in all cases were categorized in any way.

Extras that do not directly have to do with camera settings without offering more experimental features (bracketing, panoramic and otherwise) to be found under the extramenyn Mode. The combination of the different available modes you can use and the settings in the camera itself becomes a little problematic. The reason is that the 27 different icons are not always available. For example, if you enable mode» pretty face «is only about half of the usual settings available and it makes it difficult to know which settings you have really active.

When we study the results of our test sessions stand out because the images from S5 by inter alia the is bright even when the subject is in poor lighting, but then it also that the images are hard treated and detail the flaws. It can be seen for example by reasonably smooth surfaces, looks a bit like smeared oil paintings and that contrasts can have strange shadows. Better in the dark, we get when we use the camera’s photo lamp and generally need the pictures not to be ashamed of themselves. What else distinguishes the Samsung Galaxy S5 most probably is the creative features embedded in the camera app. It features» virtual tour «there you should be able to create just that, for example, of an apartment, but when we test is successful, the less good. Camera fails to understand how the rooms we go through are connected properly. More useful is probably to create dramatic action shots and follow a whole sequence of events occurs in a single image due to burst mode, where the camera interprets the images and see what moves.

Customizable interface
Creative features

Cluttered interface

Htc One M8

When to take a picture, it is not entirely unusual that it must move quickly. The motif that appeared may disappear before you had time to get out the camera. HTC has solved this good, for their camera interface unadorned is liberating and obvious. From the root menu, select between, for example, still camera, video or selfie mode for the front camera. Big bright icons fill the screen.

When you have chosen, for example, the ordinary still camera, you can set different scene modes as well as ISO and white balance if you want it. Under the settings icon in the photo mode, there is an additional menu with more settings, and possibly it’s a little unclear why they are there and not directly in sökarvyn. A possibility to customise which settings you want easily accessible could be an improvement.

Hardware wise the HTC One holds a lot of unique features. Most clearly manifested this by phone has all three cameras and not like other phones in the test» only «two. In addition to the front camera for self portraits and the rear with HTC’s special» ultrapixlar «is a second camera on the back and it will allow you to get special 3D effects and you can choose a focus point in your images. This is a feature that even your competitors, despite fewer camera lenses, but we can sign on to function better in the HTC One M8, safe thanks to the dual cameras. Then there is of course another question how often you use it. Often, we know perhaps already when taking the picture where you want the focus.

The other big advantage of HTC One M8 should be ultrapixlarna, but where we are much more reluctant. What HTC call for ultrapixlar is the fact that the camera in the HTC One M8 utilizes sensor size in a way so that the (according to HTC) to capture 300% more light than the average mobile camera and thus be considerably better in low light. How close the average mobile camera competitors in the test is, we let be unsaid, but the result is in any case HTC One does not stand out because of their night vision. The back of the ultrapixlarna is to HTC using an equally large sensor that rivals but only picks out the 4 megapixel out of it in the resolution and it is much more noticeable in the outcome than the supposed better light sensitivity.Sure, HTC has a score in that larger images does not mean better pictures, but would you crop an image so becomes painfully clear the lack of resolution in the images from the HTC One M8. In the dark without Flash and HTC One M8 to the better half of the test phones, but the stand out because not and is not the best.

Simple interface

Low resolution

Huawei Ascend P7
With a price tag of just over half of what the more expensive handsets in this test costs so one could think that it makes itself felt not only on the price tag, but also among the features of the Huawei Ascend P7.

When you look at the pictures stick Huawei P7 out with the most successful selfee-picture, thus with the phone’s front camera. In several other categories in the top half of the field and the phone has generally get things that make us disappoint when it comes to the camera. In the dark, we have some trouble getting good shots because the subject is barely visible on the dark screen. When the picture is taken, it is not as dark as the viewfinder gave the impression.

Settings and camera app in Huawei Ascend P7 is transparent and good. In basic mode is available in addition to the option to start the still photo or video shooting three icons plus an extra that will take you to more advanced settings. A good balance between a clean simple interface in basic mode and therefore the ability to make those settings that you sometimes have to do.

In the more advanced camera settings menu where other masses are all divided into three categories in order to increase the ability to quickly find the right. You have a category for the camera, one for video and one third for the remainder. Perhaps you would like to have the ability to customize the icons that are visible all the time, but the interface as it’s still does good and functions that do not have their own menu selections, such as serial imaging, are designed so that you can find these in a logical manner yet. It is for example more or less certain that there will be series of Imaging if you instead to click fast on the trigger, hold your finger inside, so even in Huawei P7.

Some spectacular Extras however is nothing like Huawei have priority. When competitors are betting on features for including selective blur to simulate the system camera’s properties so it is nothing you get with inter Huawei’s camera operations. The man instead, highlight is the possibility that even with the phone’s front camera take panoramic pictures. The idea is to be able to get with the whole group of friends on a single image, but it only works with the camera in portrait mode and then the difference is to take a landscape picture is not particularly significant. Then you can of course also take into account that Instagram use only square images, reducing the scope for this kind of a little wider shots.

Good for. ..

Dark viewfinder, get Extras

ZTE Blade Vec 4 g

Although ZTE Blade Vec 4 g gives an awesome first impression begins it’s not good for the phone in this test. Most phones can take good pictures in natural light, but it’s when to shoot in lower light or other more technically challenging situations to quickly notice differences between cameras. The problems start when we take pictures in poor lighting in the viewfinder on ZTE mobile we see simply not subject. The screen is all black and it makes it hard to even aim right. After a few attempts it is possible of course, but the images we receive is even if the subject is correctly placed no uplifting sight. When we use the photo light, the image is passably OK even if the phone has trouble focusing and the subject becomes easily blurs. The picture when we shoot without photo lamp and just use the ambient light becomes completely black. It is not possible to discern even the faint outlines of the subject. The competitors, however, manages all capture the same scene under the same difficult lighting conditions, albeit with various great results, but none so bad as the ZTE Blade Vec 4 g.

It may seem a little unfair having with ZTE Blade Vec 4 g in the test and you should of course bear in mind that it is sold for about $200, one-third of the price of the test’s rogues ‘ gallery. Still, it’s interesting to see what this means for the pictures, clearly the differences.

Among the motives that ZTE cell phone can handle a little better, at least, self portrait that becomes acceptable even in the more difficult conditions in the back light. Even a little more difficult conditions as the bright and dark areas of the image have the ZTE Blade hard for bright parties leaking clear out in the dark areas.

When looking at the camera app in ZTE mobile so you get a fast impression of how good the camera should be. In the app, there are two different modes. The first is the simple and where we find, inter alia, panorama and HDR mode which custom icons in sökarvyn.There are also various filters available via a small arrow you can wrap up. In the Advanced mode filters disappear and are replaced instead of manual setting options for including ISO, exposure, and white balance. What affects the impression almost the most is that in the middle of the screen all the time, you’ll see a line that will help you to hold the camera straight to the horizon. In addition, the advanced features of ZTE’s advanced mode that you find in most mobile cameras so it is undeniably a bit disappointed. The Advanced mode does not live up to the expectations it creates.

Okay pictures in daylight

Dark viewfinder, bad in the dark, poor color reproduction

Lumia 930
I have no doubt the high expectations on Nokia when it comes to not just camera techniques, but also the interface to make the technology available and easy to use. Now we do not with their Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixels as it has for more than a year old, but the camera app in Lumia 930 recognized from Lumia 1020 and other Nokia mobiles. What Nokia is doing so well in this context is that they get with the systemkameraliknande possibilities for customization of the image while you can get good pictures by simply using the Auto mode and snap the; Additional plus score, Nokia to the Guide good for the advanced settings. Don’t you have an avid interest in ISO, exposure and so on so warns the camera when you specify settings that will not result in a useful result. Really good.

If Nokia’s Lumia 1020 was unique when it arrived and barely went to compare with competitors, is a far more Lumia 930 natured mobile camera that does not stand out in the same way. Admittedly, I reacted when I took one of the landscape images in the test and thought» the amazing colors the picture got «, but it was above all when it was displayed in the phone screen (not too bad, in and of itself) but the difference turned out less apparent when in detail reviewed the photos and compared on a computer screen. Into darkness indoors so perform Lumia 930 an image where the whites are mostly white, but on the other hand, the image is very noisy. In the same way the phone placed somewhere in the Middle when we test the dark photo outdoors, for here we can does not with quite as much detail and sharpness that HTC and Sony succeed while Nokian is clearly better than the worst in the test.

The area where the Lumia 930 excels is in place after processing. It requires that you download a couple apps like Nokia made exclusively for their Lumia telephones (not available for the few other manufacturers released Windows Mobile phones that is). These include Nokia Refocus, Nokia Cinemagraph and seven stagningen in the Nokia kameraapp Nokia Camera that lets the camera take ten pictures in quick follow, and with the help of these can then apply effects such as selective blur, or choose facial expressions so that everyone on a picture looks happy and not turn a blind eye. An additional feature of Nokia’s usual kameraapp in 930 is feature called live pictures where about a second video recorded from the moment you take a still picture. This will appear in the phone’s fotovisningsapp along with all the possibilities (and there are many) to edit images afterwards by adding blur, filter and by changing the image slicer.

The vivid images with built-in minifilm can be used in Nokia’s own bildvisningsapp Storyteller, but has otherwise limited use and is only still images for example, if you share a picture to Facebook and Instagram or send as MMS.

Color reproduction
The extra features

Not as impressive as the Lumia 1020

Interface and use
A good interface combines a clear set of features with great potential to influence the outcome of the times it’s needed. In Nokia’s case, it also manages to make advanced settings simple even for those who do not have an eye on detailed photographic terms and settings.

Winner: HTC One M8, Lumia 930 and Sony Xperia Z2

Detail and daylight
Most phones take good pictures in daylight and it is above all in more difficult situations than as the really big differences spring to mind. Nevertheless, it is possible to distinguish the telephones in the right easily. HTC One M8 suffers both from an inferior HDR mode which gives crazy colors and by the lack of resolution that makes itself felt as soon as you need to crop a picture.

Winner: Lumia 930 and Samsung Galaxy S5

The area where it almost happened in the most recent development is that different creative methods allow you to apply effects to the images either in photo moment or later due to different software or hardware solutions. HTC has its dual cameras for selective blur, Nokia and Samsung have burst mode in order to select the best picture but also to be able to apply effects after the fact based on movements in the slideshow.

Winner: Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2

Selfee and macro
When the front camera is used increasingly more diligent, it is obvious that test even the. Huawei is the phone that stands out in the field and then even in difficult conditions like backlit. We are throwing in even the macro function in this category and where is it interesting to LG G3 despite his laser focus does not stand out positively. The laser doesn’t seem to bring any advantage at all in the LG comparison with competitors.

Winner: Huawei Ascend P7

In the dark
When the lighting conditions are worse is inserted no doubt mobile cameras on test and this is probably the biggest quality differences in the pictures.
It is also a big difference depending on what it is about. We test both with and without Flash and both indoors and outdoors with motifs further away from the camera.

Winner: Sony Xperia Z2

Winner: Sony Xperia Z2
It is, above all, camera interface and how the camera performs well in light in the darkness that makes the Xperia Z2 from Sony takes home the victory. The fact that it is water resistant and therefore allows you to take pictures and movies that few other phones can do, of course, not make things worse.



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