Commerce, Oklahoma Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Commerce, Oklahoma Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to 800ZipCodes, Commerce, Oklahoma is surrounded by several cities and towns that offer a variety of attractions and activities for visitors and locals alike. To the north lies the town of Welch, home to a variety of unique shops, restaurants, and historical sites. This small town was founded in 1893 and has since grown to become a popular destination for visitors looking to explore the area’s history. To the east lies Miami, Oklahoma which is home to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College as well as several museums that showcase local history and culture. Further east is Tulsa, Oklahoma which is known for its vibrant nightlife, diverse cuisine options, and numerous attractions such as the Tulsa Zoo or Philbrook Museum of Art. To the south lies Adair, Oklahoma which is home to several beautiful parks as well as local festivals throughout the year. Finally, to the west lies Quapaw, Oklahoma which offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing or camping in one of its many nearby lakes or rivers. All these cities and towns provide endless opportunities for fun and exploration for those visiting Commerce, Oklahoma.

Population of Commerce, Oklahoma

According to mcat-test-centers, Commerce, Oklahoma is home to a population of approximately 2,500 people. The primary demographic of Commerce is comprised of those between the ages of 25 and 44, accounting for nearly 32 percent of the population. Additionally, those aged 45 to 64 make up nearly 24 percent of the population while those aged 18 to 24 account for approximately 15 percent. The median age in Commerce is 36 years old, with a gender distribution that is fairly balanced at roughly 50/50 male to female.

Commerce has seen a steady increase in its population over the years as more people move to the city for work and other opportunities. In recent years, there has been an influx of new residents from nearby cities and towns looking for a quieter lifestyle or more affordable housing options. This influx has also helped create a more diverse community with individuals from various backgrounds and cultures living in close proximity.

The economy in Commerce is primarily driven by agriculture and manufacturing. Located just outside town are several large farms where local farmers grow crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans, hay and more. Additionally, there are several small businesses throughout town that provide jobs in retail or hospitality services.

Commerce is an inviting community with plenty of amenities for its residents and visitors alike. With its small-town charm and friendly atmosphere it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen to call it home over the years.

Commerce, Oklahoma

Schools and education of Commerce, Oklahoma

Commerce, Oklahoma is home to a variety of different educational opportunities. The local public school district, Commerce Public Schools, provides students with a comprehensive education in grades Pre-K through 12th grade. This district includes two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Additionally, there are several private schools in the area offering religious instruction or alternative educational options such as Montessori or homeschooling programs.

Commerce Public Schools are dedicated to providing students with a safe learning environment and quality education. The district boasts numerous awards and accolades for its excellence in academics and athletics, including being named one of the top 10 school districts in Oklahoma by for 2020. In addition to core classes such as math, science and social studies, the district also offers extracurricular activities such as sports teams and student clubs.

The city is also home to several postsecondary institutions offering higher education opportunities to those looking to pursue a college degree or technical certification. Northeastern State University has a campus located just outside of town where students can earn bachelor’s degrees in various fields such as business administration or nursing. Additionally, there are several community colleges located within an hour’s drive from Commerce that offer associate’s degrees or technical certifications in various disciplines including automotive technology or welding technology.

Commerce provides its residents with numerous educational opportunities from early childhood all the way through post-secondary schooling so that they can pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Landmarks in Commerce, Oklahoma

Commerce, Oklahoma is home to a variety of different landmarks that make the city unique. One of the most notable landmarks in Commerce is the historic downtown area. This area is home to numerous buildings and monuments that date back to the early 1900s. The most popular of these buildings include the old courthouse and post office, as well as several other historic structures such as the old bank and barbershop.

The city also boasts a number of parks and recreational areas for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. The Commerce City Park is one of the largest parks in town, featuring a playground, baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and picnic areas. There is also a walking trail that goes around the park for those who prefer a leisurely stroll through nature. Additionally, there are several smaller parks located throughout town including Sunset Park which offers an outdoor swimming pool and skate park for those looking to get active outdoors.

Another noteworthy landmark in Commerce is the local museum which houses artifacts from all over Oklahoma. This museum displays items such as Native American artifacts, historical documents from early settlers in Oklahoma, and even dinosaur fossils from nearby sites. Those interested in learning more about local history can also take part in guided tours or visit during special events such as reenactments or celebrations held throughout the year.

Finally, Commerce has a few notable religious landmarks including two churches that were built during early settlement – First Baptist Church and First Methodist Church – which both have been restored to their original condition for visitors to explore today. these landmarks help make Commerce an interesting place with plenty of history for residents and tourists alike to explore.

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