Clinton County, Michigan Demographics

Clinton County, Michigan Demographics

Clinton County is located in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and encompasses a total area of 545 square miles. The county is bordered by Gratiot County to the north, Shiawassee County to the east, Isabella County to the south, and Midland and Bay Counties to the west. The landscape of Clinton County is characterized by rolling hills and valleys, with elevations ranging from 700-900 feet above sea level. The county is home to several bodies of water including Pine River, Looking Glass River, Red Cedar River, Maple River, and Chippewa River.

According to findjobdescriptions, the climate in Clinton County is a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from 21 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 73 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Annual precipitation averages around 32 inches per year with snowfall averaging around 33 inches per season.

According to the 2019 US Census Bureau estimate, Clinton County has an estimated population of 37,992 people. This makes it one of the least populous counties in Michigan with a population density of about 70 people per square mile. The population is spread out across all age groups but skews slightly towards older adults over 65 years old who make up 18% of the population compared to 12% nationally. The racial composition of Clinton County consists primarily of white (94%), African American (2%), Asian (1%), Hispanic or Latino (2%) and other races (1%).

The largest cities in Clinton County are St Johns (population 8,831) and DeWitt (population 4,818). Other notable towns include Bath Township (population 5,686), Ovid Township (population 2,922), Eagle Township (population 2,732) and Watertown Township (population 1,932). there are 15 townships within Clinton County that offer both rural living as well as urban amenities such as shopping centers and restaurants.

Economy of Clinton County, Michigan

The economy of Clinton County, Michigan is diverse and driven by a variety of industries. The largest sector is manufacturing, which accounts for nearly one-third of the county’s total employment. Major employers in this sector include General Motors, Dow Chemical Company, and St Johns Industrial Park. Agriculture is another key economic driver in Clinton County with soybeans and corn being the main crops grown. Other important industries in the area include health care, retail trade, construction, education services, and finance.

The unemployment rate in Clinton County as of April 2021 was 5%, slightly lower than the state average of 6.2%. The median household income in the county was $58,935 in 2019 which is slightly higher than the national average of $57,652. The poverty rate also stands at 13.3%, lower than the national average of 14%.

The county government plays an important role in supporting local businesses through various programs such as business development grants and incentives for job creation and expansion projects. In addition to this they also provide assistance to new businesses looking to establish themselves within the county through tax abatements and other forms of financial support.

Clinton County has a strong presence on the international front thanks to its proximity to Lansing International Airport which offers direct flights to many major U.S cities as well as international destinations such as Mexico City and Toronto. This makes it easy for companies based in Clinton County to access global markets and expand their reach beyond local boundaries.

Clinton County has a strong economic base that provides an excellent environment for businesses looking to start or expand operations within its borders. With a skilled labor force, competitive tax rates, access to international markets via Lansing International Airport, and various government incentives available it is easy to see why Clinton County has become an attractive destination for business owners across Michigan and beyond.

Libraries in Clinton County, Michigan

According to babyinger, Clinton County, Michigan is home to an impressive array of public libraries. The county boasts eight library systems, each with its own unique selection of materials and services. All of these libraries are members of the Michigan eLibrary, which provides access to a wealth of digital resources and materials from all around the state.

The largest and most comprehensive library system in Clinton County is the St. Johns Public Library. Located in downtown St. Johns, this library offers a wide variety of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs and other materials for adults and children alike. In addition to regular lending services, the St. Johns Public Library also hosts a number of educational programs for both adults and children such as storytimes, book clubs and author events. The library also provides access to computers with high-speed internet as well as printing services for patrons who need them.

The East Lansing Public Library is another great resource in Clinton County. This library offers a diverse collection of books and materials ranging from popular fiction to non-fiction titles on history, science and technology topics. In addition to its print collection, the East Lansing Public Library also offers digital resources such as eBooks, audiobooks and streaming media through its website or mobile app. Patrons can also access computers with internet access at this location for research or general use purposes.

The Bath Township Public Library is another great resource located in Clinton County that serves both children and adults alike with an extensive selection of books, magazines and other materials available for borrowing or reference use on site. The library also hosts special programming such as book clubs for adults as well as storytimes designed specifically for young children ages 0-5 years old. In addition to its traditional print collection the Bath Township Public Library also offers digital resources including eBooks and audiobooks via their website or mobile app so patrons can easily access these materials from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Finally, there are two smaller libraries located within Clinton County that offer more limited collections but still provide essential services such as book borrowing or reference use on site: DeWitt District Library located in DeWitt Township; and Ovid-Elsie Area District Library located in Ovid-Elsie Township. Both locations offer traditional print collections alongside digital resources like eBooks available through their websites or mobile apps so patrons can easily access these materials from any location they have an internet connection.

Clinton County has some great options when it comes to public libraries offering residents diverse collections along with educational programming, computer access, digital resources,and more. Whether you’re looking for something fun to read or doing research on a specific topic there’s sure to be something available at one of these great local libraries.

Landmarks in Clinton County, Michigan

Clinton County, Michigan

Clinton County is home to a number of beautiful and unique landmarks. One of the most notable is the historic Clinton County Courthouse located in downtown St. Johns. Built in 1875, this stunning building was designed in the Second Empire style and features a prominent clock tower that can be seen from many parts of the city. The courthouse has been restored to its original glory, and it now serves as a reminder of the area’s history and culture. Another popular landmark is the Clinton County Fairgrounds, which hosts numerous events throughout the year including county fairs, concerts, and other community gatherings. The fairgrounds include several buildings such as an expo center, horse stables, and an animal pavilion for livestock shows. Visitors will also find plenty of activities like carnival rides, live entertainment, food vendors, and more. Finally, no trip to Clinton County would be complete without a visit to Sleepy Hollow State Park. This park features over 2,600 acres of wooded hillsides with plenty of trails for hiking or biking. It also offers campgrounds for overnight stays as well as fishing spots along its three lakes. All these landmarks make Clinton County a great destination for those looking to explore Michigan’s natural beauty and history.

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