Cities in Iran

Cities in Iran


Kashan is located in the desert, on one of the once important caravan routes. Archaeological discoveries made on Sialk Hill allow us to conclude that this area was one of the main centers of the most ancient civilization of the Elamite period. Some scholars believe that Kashan was the very city from which the three biblical wise men began their journey to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ.Everything worth seeing in this city is concentrated in a small area.


Sarein is a small city in the west of the province of Ardabil, which is the center of the urban district of Sarein. This city is known as the owner of numerous hot springs and one of the tourist areas of Ardabil province. Translated from Turkish, “Sarein” means “cool place”. In Arabic dictionaries, this name means “spring”. Sarein is known for its numerous hot springs, and annually in the summer it receives a large number of Iranian explorers and travelers. There are about 250 hotels in the city – various hotel apartments and guest houses.
2 km east of the city of Sarein is the historic village of Kanzak. There are a large number of valleys in this village, the most famous of which is the Sari Valley (Yellow Valley). This valley has a large number of natural springs and attracts many tourists with the presence of pear trees and running water that flows through the entire valley. Above the valley there is a hill, which includes numerous caves, which are like a whole city under the mountain. Numerous historical objects and artifacts were found in these caves, representing the history of these hills and being a kind of heritage of the life of ancient times. These caves, dating back to the Parthian period, have been included in the National Heritage List of Iran. Most of the hot springs of Sarein originate from Mount Sebelan.

Used to treat diseases of a general nature, diseases associated with neuralgia, etc.) Gavmish Goli hot spring (the largest and most filled mineral spring in Iran, the water of which is constantly hot, sour, colorless, with a smell. Used for general strengthening of the whole body, for treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, heart diseases, etc.) Alvarez ski resort, located on the slopes of Mount Sebelan, is the largest ski resort in Iran. The resort is located 24 km from Sarein. The period of activity of the resort is from 6 to 8 months a year, which puts it in first place in the country.


Qazvin – located in the northern part of Iran, the largest settlement, administrative and commercial center of the eponymous stop. Several industrial enterprises specializing in the production of silk, cotton and leather are actively operating on its territory. Handicraft production of carpet products is developed. Ancient Qazvin has been the center of miniatures since ancient times. The monuments of architecture and history include mosques dating back to the 12th century. There is a large power plant in the suburbs. There is a railway station in Qazvin serving passengers on the Tehran-Tabriz branch.
The founder of the city is believed to be Shapur. His father was Ardashir, the founder of the Sassanid dynasty. It is known that the geographer, historian and poet of the 14th century Hamdallaha Kazvini – a famous figure of that period – came from these places. He is the author of the famous essay “Selected History”, the geographical work “Delight of the Hearts” and the poetic chronicle “The Book of Victory”. For a long period, the city served as a border checkpoint of the Caliphate. In the 15th century, its local population continued to be mainly Shafi’i Sunnis.

They did not submit to the Ismailis, despite the fact that their main religious center was not far from Qazvin in the area called Rudbar. During the reign of Shah Tahmasl I, the ancient city was at one time the capital center of the Safavid empire. In the 17th century it was a prosperous settlement and in its grandeur was not inferior to other cities of Persia. A well-known native of the city is the poet and composer Abolkasen Aref Qazvini, who was born in this area in 1882. He wrote many poems about Iran. At the beginning of the 20th century, Aref Qavzini was a participant in the constitutional revolution. During that period, he wrote several songs. All of them, basically, were revolutionary and political subjects. Only after the death of the poet, his complete collected works saw the light. The works were published in Tehran and Baghdad.


Zanjan is a city in the northwest of Iran, the administrative center of the province of Zanjan, the population is mainly Azerbaijanis, Zanjan is famous for its seedless grapes. Due to its geographical and strategic position, it is one of the industrial centers of Iran, as well as an important cultural center. The birthplace of traditional Persian carpets and the largest center of their industrial and handicraft production.

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