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Caltech Vs MIT

If you like technology and want to study in the United States, probably Caltech and MIT are two options of universities that have crossed your mind. And it is not for less: the two are, without a doubt, the most prominent in the area over there. But after all, which one is the best? To […]

Michigan State University
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11 Most LGBTQ-friendly Universities in the U.S.

Being part of a minority in college can be quite difficult. This also applies to those who dream of studying abroad. But fortunately, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students have many options for universities that promote welcoming and well-being initiatives for members of these communities. In today’s text we are going to talk about the […]

What is a “contact hour”
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What is the US academic credit system like?

If you are preparing to study in the United States, it is important to know how the academic credit system works in the country. That’s because it can influence a lot in your course: from your GPA, through your term to graduate, to the amount you pay in tuition. Want to find out more about […]

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Are there still male-only colleges in the U.S.?

For some time, the standard of higher education in the West was to have universities separated by gender. Thus, there were some colleges for men only and others for women only. Over the years, however, the scenario has changed and institutions have broken down these barriers. However, they were not all of them! Learn more […]

Bank of America branch in Eagan, Minnesota
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How to open a U.S. bank account?

If you are thinking or planning to study in the United States for more than a few months, opening an account with an American bank is a great idea that will make your routine there much easier. To help you with this, we have separated in this text everything you need to know to open […]

National Bank branch in Richmond Hill
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How to open a bank account in Canada?

Do you dream of studying at a Canadian university? So continue with us to find out more about one of the most important things you need to address before you get there. In order to open a bank account in Canada it is important to know in advance that many banks in the country offer […]