Calhoun County, Georgia Demographics

Calhoun County, Georgia Demographics

Located in the southwestern part of Georgia, Calhoun County is a rural area with a population of 6,125 people. The county is bordered by Randolph County to the north, Clay County to the east, Early and Miller Counties to the south, and Terrell and Lee Counties to the west. The county seat is located in Morgan with other major towns including Arlington, Edison, Leary, and Damascus.

The geography of Calhoun County is mostly flat with rolling hills throughout. It also contains several creeks and rivers such as Kinchafoonee Creek and Spring Creek which flow through the area. There are also several lakes throughout the county such as Lake Blackshear which provides great fishing opportunities for visitors.

According to findjobdescriptions, the weather in Calhoun County can be quite diverse depending on what time of year it is. Summers are typically hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit during this season while winters are usually mild with temperatures ranging from 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit during this time period. Rainfall can occur throughout all seasons but usually peaks during late spring or early summer months with average annual precipitation around 51 inches per year.

Calhoun County has a population that is largely made up of white non-Hispanic or Latino individuals at 77%, followed by black non-Hispanic or Latino individuals at 18%, Hispanic or Latino individuals at 3%, Asian individuals at 1%, Native American individuals at 0% and other races making up the remaining 1%. The median household income for Calhoun County residents was estimated to be $31,971 in 2018 while the median home value was estimated to be $66,400 during this same time period.

Calhoun County offers its residents a rural living experience while still providing access to some great outdoor activities such as fishing on Lake Blackshear or exploring one of its many creeks and rivers throughout the area. With diverse weather patterns throughout all four seasons, there’s always something new to explore no matter what time of year it is.

Economy of Calhoun County, Georgia

The economy of Calhoun County, Georgia is largely based on small business and agriculture. The county’s main industries include manufacturing, construction, retail trade, and healthcare. Agriculture is also a major part of the county’s economy with crops such as cotton, corn, peanuts, and soybeans being the most common. Livestock production is also significant with cattle being the most prominent.

Manufacturing is a key economic driver in Calhoun County with several major employers in the area including Georgia-Pacific and Cottrell Manufacturing. Georgia-Pacific produces paper products for commercial use while Cottrell Manufacturing manufactures parts for heavy-duty vehicles. Together these two companies employ over 200 people in the county.

Retail trade is another important sector of the local economy with several stores located throughout the county such as Walmart and Dollar General which provide jobs to many locals. Healthcare is also an important part of the local economy with several hospitals located in nearby cities such as Albany and Columbus offering jobs to many residents of Calhoun County.

Agriculture has been a long-standing tradition in Calhoun County since its foundation in 1854 when it was first established by settlers from South Carolina. The region’s fertile soil makes it ideal for growing crops while its mild climate allows farmers to sow their crops year-round providing them with a steady income throughout all four seasons.

Calhoun County is home to several small businesses as well ranging from restaurants to auto repair shops which offer goods and services to local residents and visitors alike. These businesses are essential to keeping the local economy going as they provide jobs for locals while also helping generate tax revenue for the county government which can be used to improve infrastructure or fund other projects within the community.

Calhoun County offers its residents a rural living experience while still providing access to some great outdoor activities such as fishing on Lake Blackshear or exploring one of its many creeks and rivers throughout the area.

Libraries in Calhoun County, Georgia

According to babyinger, Calhoun County, Georgia is home to a number of libraries that serve the community. The Calhoun County Public Library System is the largest library system in the county and includes four branches located in Arlington, Edison, Leary, and Morgan. Each branch offers a variety of services including book check-outs, computer access, story time for children, and reference assistance. The branches also offer special programs such as summer reading challenges and book clubs. In addition to these services, the libraries provide access to a wide range of digital resources such as e-books and online databases. These digital resources are available to both library members and non-members alike.

The Calhoun County Public Library System also provides access to a large collection of books that span various genres including fiction, nonfiction, biographies, and more. Patrons can browse through the library’s catalog online or visit one of the branches in person to search for books in person. Additionally, each branch offers a wide selection of magazines and newspapers for patrons to read while they are at the library. Furthermore, any patron can request an interlibrary loan if they cannot find what they need at their local branch.

Landmarks in Calhoun County, Georgia

Calhoun County, Georgia

Calhoun County, Georgia is home to a number of historical landmarks that are worth visiting. The county is home to the Calhoun County Courthouse, which was built in 1840 and is one of the oldest courthouses still in use in the state. The courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and stands as a reminder of the county’s rich history.

The town of Edison is home to the historic Edison Depot, which was built in 1887 and served as a stop on the Atlanta-Birmingham Railroad Line. The depot now serves as an educational center and museum that offers a variety of programs including guided tours, railroad memorabilia exhibits, and educational presentations about local history.

The town of Arlington also boasts several historical landmarks including the Arlington Cemetery and Old Mill Park. The Arlington Cemetery was established in 1829 and features monuments dedicated to veterans from all branches of service dating back to World War I. Old Mill Park is located on the banks of Lake Eufaula and features a reconstructed gristmill that dates back to 1820.

Finally, visitors should not miss out on Fort Gaines Historic Site near Morgan. Built in 1821, Fort Gaines served as an important Confederate stronghold during the Civil War before being abandoned after General Sherman’s march through Georgia in 1864. Today, visitors can explore its ruins or take part in special events such as living history demonstrations or reenactments that bring its history to life.

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