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BlackBerry, or BBY is a Canadian leading electronic brand famous for wireless handheld devices and services like smart phones, tablets and so on.

BlackBerry Tablet PC

Their goal is to develop new technology continuously and create more innovative and advanced produce to bring customers better experience and entertainments.


Main Categories:

Smartphones, tablets, desktops, accessories


Time and place: 1984, Canada

Early products: smartphones

Founder: Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin

Name and abbreviation: BlackBerry


Headquarter Location:

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Worldwide Locations:

North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific


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Price Range:

Tablet PCs: USD115-USD549


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iSmartViewPro is a software for recording from a PC manufacturer Wansviewsurveillance cameras. You can have this document as an iSmartViewPro manual for PC and which includes functions.

Summary functions iSmartViewPro PC

With this program you can make recordings of video, or images from a computer. Don’t need cameras have internal memory, since recordings are made on a computer that must be switched on with the software running.

The software is designed by the manufacturer Wansview, although it can be compatible with some models of other manufacturers, Foscam, Tenvis, Wanscam… It allows both P2P like DDNS or IP cameras compatibility.

Download and install iSmartViewPro program for PC

Is a free software accompanies the Wansview IP cameras on your CD, or you can download from the Page Setup cameras IP Wansview.

To start the installation will be shown an Assistant will guide us in the process of installation.

If you need to change the installation location, you can enter it on this screen.

At the end of the installation, you can directly open the program.

PC recording software iSmartViewPro

From the Start button you can access the program icon

According to the configuration of your Firewall, most probably the first run the software a notice you appear. This message is originated to the program will attempt to access your local network cameras, making it for normal operation, allowed access.

ISmartViewPro home screen

From the home screen you can see the cameras you have previously configured or do some actions.

In the bottom left of the screen shows the date and time of the system. Note the computer time may be different in each Chamber. Since it may be the case every camera this in a country or time zone different.

Main controls

In the lower right-hand line appear in order:

  • Button play. By pressing all configured cameras will be on the screen.
  • Stop playback. Stops the playback started with the previous button.
  • See recordings. You can access the recordings on the hard disk of the computer running the software.
  • Screen mode. You can configure the number and organization of the Chambers will appear on the screen.
  • History of the program. Appears a listing with the history of events on the program.
  • See full screen. — Remove the side and bottom controls to see larger images. Press ESC to exit this mode and return to see the side menus.
  • Program settings. With this button, you will access to a more advanced settings of the program.

Window buttons

The icons are displayed in the upper right corner of the image:

  • Customise button. You can adjust some parameters as:
    • Picture purpose. You can select a type of window and in the part below to select a graphic file will be shown in this function.
    • Appoint interface display. Allows you to Select a language like Spanish in our case, in addition to others such as: French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Hungarian, English or Chinese.
    • The background color will be shown at the bottom of the icons.
  • Minimize. Puts the window in the background in the taskbar without closing it.
  • Maximize window. Wide window.
  • Closing program. Use this option to exit the program.

List of cameras

Farther down is a white box that contains a tree with the configured cameras.

The software is compatible with various kind of IP cameras:

  • Cameras P2P. They begin in the case of Wansview by VIEW-XXXXX-XXXXX
  • IP cameras. Will be shown an IP address (local or remote) or a DDNS address.

Options on cameras

The following controls are used to:

  • Edit the camera settings
  • Add camera
  • Delete has previously configured camera

History program

In the bottom right of the screen appears a short record with the actions performed by the program.

Cameras display screen

IP camera images will be shown on the picture of each camera.

In the bottom right of each House you can see the following icons:

  • Talk. You can talk from a microphone to the computer until the speaker IP camera.
  • Listen to. Pressing you can listen through the microphone of the camera which happens around the IP camera.
  • Image capture take. Clicking on the button will be saved an image with the current time.
  • Record video. Pressing the button starts the camera record on the hard disk. To stop the recording, you can always press on this button.

Over this button you can have different colors according to their performance:

  1. A green icon means is this recording continuously. A press on this button starts the recording and other pulse stops her.
  1. A blue icon means recording according to a plan of record. I.e. a schema on which held the record.

Later we will discuss how to create a schedule or plan of recording

  • Adjustments. You can do some settings for each camera:
    • Brightness, contrast
    • Resolution. Depending on the type of camera you can change the resolution with which the camera is from FULL-HD, VGA or QVGA
    • Image mirror. — From the software creates an image horizontal or vertical mirror
  • Motion. Clicking on the button controls will appear to move from the program the objective of the IP camera.

Keep in mind to make your camera to some of these functions must also be compatible. For example, not all cameras have sound, so you can not speak or listen. Or on some models of cameras are fixed and can not move the goal

How to add cameras to iSmartViewPro for PC

Click on the button Add (symbol +) on the right side

A box asking if you want to

  • Add camera manually. You can create a camera by manually entering data of the camera.
  • Search device. With this function the program will search for cameras on the same local network.

Add camera manually

In this screen you can enter the following values:

  • Device Alias. Lets you create a name to identify the camera among others. To modify the name change you must check the box
  • Device Type. You select whether a P2P camera is, or if it is an IP camera that series of models of Wansview is.
  • IP/DDNS/DID. You will write the DDNS/IP public or local camera. If a camera is P2P must write the address, UID or P2P. In the image you have an example to set up a camera with a local IP address.
  • Puerto. The port is where the installed IP camera.
  • User name of the camera, usually admin for cameras Wansview
  • Password for access to the camera, which normally is 123456 in chambers Wansview
  • Cancel to cancel the configuration and do not save the data.
  • Save saves any changes made.

To save these data if they are correct the following will occur:

  • You can make double click on the name of the camera the right tree, or on the play button at the bottom.
  • You will see the video of the camera on the screen
  • In the part history lower right will tell you if it has been able to connect or some error occurred.

If you are unable to see video, check the address, user name, password and type of camera are correct. Verify you can see images from a browser with the same data you have configured the recording program.

Search device automatically

If you do not know or not sure of the direction where this IP camera is installed on your local network, you can use the option Search.

You need to select on the right from Device Type, in case a camera IP or P2P, or all types.

In this picture you can see how it recognizes the camera with an IP address.

If you have multiple cameras or of different types, you can select the option All Series and the program it will search for all cameras on your local network.

In this image as the search through P2P detects a camera.

In both cases to detect P2P or IP camera, you must follow the same steps:

  • Select the camera IP or P2P from the list. You’ll see is marked in green
  • Write user name admin and password 123456 for cameras Wansview. If you have configured another user name or password you must enter it in these pictures.

Similar to adding a camera manually double click on the address of the IP camera, or click the bottom button to reproduce so that the images from the camera are displayed.

System configuration

To access the settings click on the System Setup button in the bottom right of the screen

You will be shown the following table with options

  • Save Path for Snapshot and record file. Select the local path on your hard drive where catches of image and video will be saved.
  • Trigger Alarm. They are events or actions, the programme can do when an alarm is activated.
    • Snapshot. Take screenshot.
    • Alarm recording. Video under alarm recording.
    • Play Alarming voice. It emits an alarm sound.
  • Pop up snapshot Window. Displays a window with an image capture
  • Play automatically after reboot. When this function is enabled the program should start automatically when you turn on the operating system.
  • Default Record plan – > Create. From this option can create a recording plan or select plan already created previously used.
  • Default / Save. Sets values by default or saves the changes.

It is a plan of recording

A plan of recording or recording strategy is a system program to record videos according to a pre established agenda will follow.

  • Name of recording
  • Keep recording, stop recording. To be the space less than 1 Gb will stop recordings. Recordings in this case not be deleted since new videos of recording are not created do not have space available on your hard disk.
  • There is no enough space delete first file for continuous recording. Select this check box, and do not have enough space on the hard drive will erase the oldest recordings with new recordings. Thus will not stop recordings since the old ones deleted are while you create the most recent.
  • Duration in minutes. Sets the recording time in minutes of the created videos.
  • Configuration of time. You can select the days of the week and hours in strips of 30 minutes. The recording will be held in these selected periods.
  • Select all. It will mark every day of the week to make recordings.
  • Delete / save.

In this image you have an example of a plan of recording:

  • During all the days and hours of the week
  • Recording files of 10 minutes of duration.
  • When the available space is less than 1 Gb, the oldest recordings will be deleted to not stop the most recent recordings.

How to assign a plan of recording to a camera

Click on the image of the camera like to activate the plan with the right button of the mouse. In the menu appears, click on Set Plan

Select a recording plan previously created list will appear.

To activate a plan of recording on a camera recording icon will appear in blue.

If you not prefer to schedule a recording plan and prefer to record everything that happens on the camera, you can press the record button. You will see the icon change to green.

How to access the images recorded with iSmartViewPro

From the playback icon, you can access the EyePlayer software with which to view the videos recorded with the software.

In the right part of the screen you can find using images:

  • Camera want to play
  • The period of time in which you want to search for images

With lower controls you can play, stop, pass or back track, forward fast,…

Knowing the local path where the images are stored, you can from the browser access the videos and screenshots created with the recording software.

I hope this document you have been useful, if you need more information of some function please do not hesitate to ask us through this document.