Best of 2009: Vodafone Repeats with The Best Rates for Data

Continuing with the review operators, East is turn of the best rates for mobile internet launched in 2009 and the truth is that there have been too many surprises since although there were many applicants, some of the rates were clearly above other.

For navigate from your computer, the podium has been at odds between Vodafone and MÁSmovil with 33% and 26% of the votes respectively while third place far far away has been for Pepephone getting 8%. Very from behind there are the options of prepaid that tend to have worse conditions and are more expensive but it has struck me the little Orange score despite the fact that in this area, provides the daily rate with better conditions.

Out the survey stayed Simyo So what is read in the comments, remains the most valued by the users even though it came in the voting list because it is a rate launched in 2008 as well as many others that may be of interest according to the needs of each client as Ono io (8 Euro / 500 MB with Movistar coverage) or Jazztel (30 euros / 5 GB) , but was not the case.

For Browse from your mobile, the results have been very similar and Vodafone has managed to overcome with 34% of the votes followed by Másmovil with 33% and its 30MB free per month. Both rates are intended for very different applications so it is logical that they practically tied since they have very good condition depending on if you need short data consumption or on the contrary your mobile devours large amount of data.

The effort that has always characterized by Vodafone in its 3G network investment is giving good results thanks also to the data rates without limit of traffic or speed He has launched during 2009 and is currently the only operator that offers similar conditions. We will see the trend of the sector during 2010 that seems promising enough. Respond will the rest of operators Vodafone unlimited fees? Finally Vodafone you risk to raise their rates for internet on mobile or “promoting them” will continue the price as it did in the summer when supposedly would raise them to include music without limits?