Best of 2009: 2 Laberynth Best Game

Here are, not without delay, the results of the latest survey we did for the best of 2009: selection of the best game. The votes were made through the product pages and only took into account the number of votes in the event of a tie score, as it is the case.

Laberynth was one of the most downloaded iPhone applications last year, and its sequel can repeat feat because thanks to the creativity of Illusion Labs has been able to cool off. And that that, in essence, still trying to be “child’s play” (drive a ball of metal from one end of a maze avoiding obstacles)

Among the innovations is the redesign of the levels, which now incorporate fans, magnets, lasers and other difficulties. There is also a multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to play with other four iPhones. Is it the best game 2009 post then? Depends on what entertains you the player, but there is no doubt that Laberynth 2 is one of the best hobbies that exist in a phone.

A special mention for NOVA, the impressive fps which went on sale last week in the AppStore and who deserved to be on the list of candidates (as is well said in the comments) is worth. It has been one of the reasons for Apple to promote your iPod Touch as a gaming console, but I moved to the pre-selection. It is a title that will compete in 2010, a year in which the mobile games promise a huge jump thanks to innovations like Unreal Engine 3.

I leave the final ranking, remember that they only count the votes until Tuesday:

  • 2 laberynth: note final 10 (3 votes)
  • Tap Tap Revenge 3: note final 10 (2 votes)
  • Real Football 2009: note end 9.5
  • The Sims 3: final 7 Note
  • Abduction! World Attack: note end 5.7
  • Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D: note 5 Finish
  • Paralel Kingdom AOE: note 5 Finish
  • Android Hyperspace: note 4 finish
  • Moto X Mayhem: note final 1