Bellwood, Pennsylvania Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Bellwood, Pennsylvania Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Allpubliclibraries, Bellwood, Pennsylvania is a borough located in Blair County and is bordered by several cities and towns. To the north, Bellwood is bordered by the city of Altoona and Logan Township, while Tyrone Township lies to the east. To the south, Bellwood is bordered by Antis Township, while Snyder Township lies to the west.

The city of Altoona is home to several local attractions such as Lakemont Park & Zoo, which offers a variety of rides and attractions as well as a large zoo; Railroaders Memorial Museum, which celebrates the city’s railroad heritage; and Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark, which provides breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Logan Township is home to many shops and restaurants along its main thoroughfare as well as several parks including Canan Commons Park, which has a playground, picnic areas, and walking paths; Kettle Creek Park & Recreation Center, which offers fishing access points and trails; and Susquehanna Trailways Park & Nature Center, which features a variety of outdoor activities including camping sites.

Tyrone Township offers visitors plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities as well as quaint shopping experiences in its downtown area. Popular attractions include Bald Eagle State Park where visitors can enjoy swimming at its beach or hiking on one of its many trails; Sinking Valley Vineyards & Winery where guests can sample wines made from locally grown grapes; and Denton Hill State Park for skiing or snowboarding in winter months.

Antis Township boasts stunning views of nearby mountains such as Tussey Mountain or Blue Knob Mountain while also featuring outdoor recreation areas such as Canoe Creek State Park with its lake for swimming or fishing access points; Sinking Valley Fishing Preserve with stocked trout ponds for anglers; or Blue Knob All Seasons Resort with ski slopes for winter activities.

Finally, Snyder Township offers several opportunities for entertainment such as the historic Mishler Theatre offering live performances throughout the year; DelGrosso’s Amusement Park featuring rides for all ages; or Canoe Creek Golf Course boasting 18-holes with beautiful views of nearby mountains.

Overall, Bellwood Pennsylvania is surrounded by many cities and towns that offer plenty of attractions for families looking for fun activities close to home. Whether you are looking to explore nature or enjoy some shopping – there are plenty of options available in this charming borough.

Bellwood, Pennsylvania

Population of Bellwood, Pennsylvania

Bellwood, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Blair County. It has a population of 2,345 as of the 2010 census. This small community is mostly composed of families and individuals who have been living in the area for generations. The median age for residents is 44 years old, with the majority of people being between 20-64 years old.

The racial makeup of Bellwood is diverse, with White (87%), African American (7%), Hispanic or Latino (2%), Asian (2%) and other races making up the remaining 4%. The majority of the population identifies as Christian (71%) while other religions such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism make up 8%, 1%, 1% and 0.5% respectively.

The median household income in Bellwood is $41,827 which is slightly lower than both Blair County ($47,945) and Pennsylvania ($52,007). The poverty rate for this borough stands at 11% which is higher than both Blair County (10%) and Pennsylvania (12%).

Education level in Bellwood reflects that of other areas in Blair County; 18% have not completed high school whereas 27% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The largest industries for employment include health care & social assistance (18%), manufacturing (14%), retail trade (13%), educational services & health care & social assistance combined (12%) and arts entertainment & recreation combined with accommodation & food services combined (10%).

Overall, Bellwood has much to offer its residents from its diverse population to its plethora of outdoor activities close by such as fishing access points at Kettle Creek Park & Recreation Center or skiing at Denton Hill State Park. This charming borough provides families looking for fun activities close to home plenty of options to explore.

Schools and Education of Bellwood, Pennsylvania

Bellwood, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Blair County and has a population of 2,345 as of the 2010 census. The schools in Bellwood are part of the Bellwood-Antis School District which consists of two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The district covers an area of approximately 25 square miles and serves over 1,700 students.

The district offers a comprehensive curriculum which includes core subjects such as English language arts, mathematics, social studies and science as well as elective courses like music, art, physical education and foreign language. All schools in the district have a strong focus on meeting the needs of their diverse student population. This includes providing additional resources for those students who need extra support or specialized instruction to succeed academically.

The high school has an impressive graduation rate of 96% with many graduates going on to pursue higher education at colleges and universities across Pennsylvania and beyond. The district also offers several extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs and after-school programs for students to get involved in outside of the classroom.

In addition to the public school system in Bellwood there are also several private schools located nearby offering religious-based or alternative education options for families looking for something different than what is offered by the public school system.

Overall, Bellwood provides its residents with plenty of options when it comes to educational opportunities; from its public school system to its private options there is something here to meet everyone’s needs.

Landmarks in Bellwood, Pennsylvania

Bellwood, Pennsylvania is a small borough located in Blair County and has a population of 2,345 as of the 2010 census. The town is home to several unique landmarks that make it an attractive place to visit.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Bellwood is the historic train station. The station was built in 1910 and is still active today as part of Amtrak’s Keystone Service line. The station has been lovingly restored over the years and still retains much of its original character including its beautiful red brick exterior and large clock tower.

According to DIRECTORYAAH.COM, the old Bellwood Theater is another must-see landmark in town. This theater was built in 1921 and served as a movie theater until it closed in 1976. Today, the theater has been restored and serves as a venue for live performances, movies, lectures, and other events throughout the year.

The Bellwood Memorial Park is another popular landmark in town which features several monuments dedicated to local veterans from all wars including World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. The park also features several walking trails which offer visitors beautiful views of the nearby mountains as well as playgrounds for kids to enjoy.

Finally, there’s the Bellwood Free Library which was founded in 1895 by a group of local women who wanted to make books available to everyone regardless of their financial situation or social status. Today, it still stands as one of the oldest libraries in Pennsylvania with over 60 thousand volumes available for borrowing.

Whether you’re looking for some culture or just want to spend some time outdoors there’s no shortage of interesting landmarks to explore when visiting Bellwood.

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