At Aldi Nord: Netbook Medion Akoya Mini E1312 (2nd Version)

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Aldi Nord the NetBook Akoya mini E1312 in a slightly revised version offered. The test shows how well it beats. NetBook Medion Akoya mini E1312

Speed: AMD processor Sempron 210U

The Akoya mini E1312 uses an AMD (Sempron 210U, 1.51 GHz) processor powered and not how many Netbooks with Intel Atom processor. The speed and the large one gigabyte memory is sufficient for standard tasks such as word processing, email software or Internet programs. With demanding applications, such as video editing or graphically rich PC games, the mini notebook is overwhelmed but also applies to the Intel Atom counterparts.

Data storage
The Akoya is a traditional notebook hard drive into the 2.5-inch format with 160 gigabytes of storage (usable 149 GB). The space not enough who can share the plate against a 500-gigabyte model. The Medion NetBook lacks an optical drive, so DVD or Blu-ray. But, a reader for memory stick, MMC, SD and xD memory cards is installed.

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Medion Akoya mini E1312

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Image quality: glossy surface and HDMI

Unusual for Netbooks, but very practical: the monitor of E1312 has a 11.6 inch screen size (around 29 centimeters). The maximum resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9 movies the screen displays in the cinema widescreen almost without annoying black bars. The glossy surface leads to disturbing reflections in light, offers but brilliant colors and high contrast. Prima: for connecting an external monitor, the mini notebook has an analog VGA and a digital HDMI connector.

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During normal operation, the NetBook was hard to hear at full load, it was not much louder. Significantly longer lasted nearly twice as strong battery compared to its predecessor: while working on the road he was only after four and a half hours empty (previously two and a half hours), when the movie playback after a good five hours (previously less than three hours). After the liquid test the keyboard no longer worked. The vibration and hinge test the NetBook survived unscathed.

In addition to the operating system Windows XP (Home Edition), the software package includes among other things the Office program works 9.0. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-n on board are for wireless connections. A 1.3-megapixel webcam and microphone are integrated in the frame of the screen. The Akoya mini allows so without additional hardware video telephony and chats.

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Test conclusion: what you should know

The new edition of the E1312 offers enough speed for daily, a large 11.6-inch screen, fast Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a memory card reader. Due to its stronger battery lacks the NetBook not enough stamina. Order this product at Amazon long battery life Pro large screen low operating noise contra keyboard after liquid test broken test note of the editorial 2.46 good users rating now write a

Update: December 7, 2009

Due to modified test criteria (from issue 26/2009) the score on 2.46 has deteriorated. Henceforth is different analyzed the ratio of visible screen (diagonal screen size) and resolution in the NetBook tests and measured the antireflection coating of gloss of the surface of the screen.

Conclusion: Medion Akoya Mini E1312

The reissue of E1312 offers enough speed for Office and Internet applications, a large 11.6-inch screen, fast Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a memory card reader. Due to its stronger battery no longer lacks the mini notebook the necessary stamina. Short: the Medion Akoya mini E1312 offers everything you need a NetBook and it is a very cheap for 399 euros offer.

Test: NetBook Medion Akoya mini E1312 (predecessor)

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