Are there still male-only colleges in the U.S.?

Are there still male-only colleges in the U.S.?

For some time, the standard of higher education in the West was to have universities separated by gender. Thus, there were some colleges for men only and others for women only. Over the years, however, the scenario has changed and institutions have broken down these barriers. However, they were not all of them! Learn more about the “ all-male ” colleges that remain in the United States.

Colleges only for men who resisted the weather in the USA

Today, there are still male-only colleges in the United States. However, there are only four! They are all private institutions, which means that they are not funded by their states. Three of them are non-religious colleges, while one has an affiliation with the Catholic Church (although you don’t have to be Catholic to attend classes).

The three non-religious male faculties are as follows:

  • Hampden-Sydney College
  • Morehouse College
  • Wabash College

Meanwhile, this is the only male college with full religious affiliation:

  • Saint John’s University

In addition to these male-only colleges, there are also other educational institutions in the US that are male-only (such as seminars and vocational schools), but we will not include them here.

It is also important to note that most of these colleges define students as “male” through sex and not by gender identity. So if you’re transgender, you probably won’t be able to apply. So far, only Morehouse College has adopted a specific policy (from 2020) that allows trans men to enroll.

Here is a brief overview of each of these male-only colleges in the U.S. and how they resemble each other:

Hampden-Sydney College Morehouse College Saint John’s University Wabash College
Location Hampden-Sydney (Virginia) Atlanta (Georgia) Collegeville, Minnesota Crawfordsville, Indiana
Religious affiliation Presbyterian * Catholic
Number of students 1,072 2,206 1,667 882
Acceptance rate 59% 58% 80% 65%
Costs (annual) $ 46,890 $ 27,576 $ 46,546 $ 44,720

* Although H-SC technically has a religious affiliation, it is considered a secular institution, as it has no religious qualification requirements for students, such as classes or extracurriculars

Now, let’s take a closer look at these colleges for men only:


Hampden-Sydney College – Hampden-Sydney (VA)

One of the 10 oldest institutions of higher education in the United States, Hampden-Sydney College (H-SC) is a private liberal arts college, known for its small student body, its relatively high tuition fees and its strong alumni network .

As one of the last male-only colleges in the country, H-SC strives to “train good men and good citizens”, helping students develop critical skills and become part of a university-wide fellowship.

The school offers 27 majors and 25 minors, in addition to more than 100 study abroad programs, research opportunities for students and a rhetoric program designed to teach young people the skills to write and communicate clearly and effectively.

In Niche, a ranking that considers the general experience of students in educational institutions, students awarded Hampden-Sydney College a general grade B +.

Cushing Hall, Hampden-Sydney College

Morehouse College – Atlanta (GA)

Founded in 1867, Morehouse College is historically the only college for black men in the United States. The institution aims to provide its students with a sense of “ethical leadership”, promoting voluntary service and helping young black people to realize their academic, social and professional potential.

Morehouse offers 33 undergraduate courses in three main academic divisions:

  • Business and Economy
  • Human and Social Sciences
  • Science and Mathematics

Although it is a male-only college, Morehouse has strong ties to Spelman College, a female college also based in Atlanta and within walking distance of Morehouse.

Famous college alumni include civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. and actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Graves Hall at Morehouse College

Saint John’s University – Collegeville (MN)

Saint John’s University (SJU), despite being an “ all-male ” college , is part of a broader educational system, including the College of Saint Benedict, exclusively for women. Both institutions are located on rural campuses, about an hour from Minneapolis / St. Paul, allowing students to participate in activities, classes and clubs.

Almost all SJU students live on campus during their four years of college. The aim of the university is to help young people in their spiritual, intellectual and professional development, although you don’t have to be Catholic (or even religious) to enroll there.

Together, the two schools offer more than 70 courses (between majors and minors), and almost two thirds of their students have academic experiences abroad during college.

Saint John's University

Wabash College – Crawfordsville (IN)

Located an hour away from Indianapolis, Wabash College is the highest rated men’s college in the country, with an A grade in the Niche. On the other hand, on the US News list it ranks as the 53rd best liberal arts college in the USA. It is also the smallest of the four institutions in terms of undergraduate students.

Wabash is known for its renowned academics and researchers and for its thriving “Greek life” (the famous university fraternities). All college students must follow the “Gentlemen’s Rule”, which stipulates that they must behave properly and as gentlemen at all times, on and off campus.

The college offers a total of 39 majors and minors and requires all students to complete a course called Freshman Tutorial and Enduring Questions . There, about 99% of students receive some form of financial aid.

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