Writing Workshop TWE

A university plans to develop a new research center in your country. Some people want a center for business research. Other people want a center for research in agriculture(farming).Which of these two kinds of research centers do you recommend for your country? Use specific reasons in your recommendation.


壹.條件: 某大學計劃設立壹個新的研究中心/有人要建商業中心/另壹種建議是建農業 研究中心

二.要求: 推薦其中壹種方案,談出具體理由.

三.寫作分析: 該題為陌生題,可能會有內容方面的困難.應該談本國國內之事,可選任壹 種方案,但最好談自己熟悉的話題.要結合實際,列出充足的理由.


Since the announcement of the University\’s plan to develop a new research center in our country, many people have showed their concern for the project and expressed their views of type of center it should be. It is now clear that the diversified views have converged to two: a business research center or an agriculture research center. Now that we have to make a decision, I think we should choosse the latter wothout hesitation.

As everybody knows, our country is an agricultural country whose farming produce is not enough to feed its own people. We have no way out but to develop our agriculture because agriculture is the foundation of our national economy and because it would be a disaster to the whole world if we rely on foreign food to feed the biggest population in the world.

To develop our agriculture, we cannot just call on the peasants to work harder because they have being working the hardest from generation to generation. What we should do is to raise their educational level and provide them with beter seeds, more fertilizers, advanced machinery and equipment, and up-to-date technical advises. In short, we have to rely on science and technology to develop our agriculture.

Some people would say that this cannot be a convincing reason because science and technology are neded not only in agriculture but also in all other fields. My view is that our situation in agriculture is the most serious and the challenges are the greatest. Ours is a big country with widely different climates and soil conditions. If we are to assist the peasants, we have to study all types of crops and all the farming conditions in this land. With a research center, these problems can be studied and solved systematically. But so far, no agriculture research center worthy of the name has been set up while there is already a business center in the southern part of the country.

Because of the above reasons, I strongly recommend that we develop a research center for agriculture purpose and I also strongly recommend this center be well funded. If wee take this step and succeed in this endeavour, our agricultural produce will be greatly increased and our whole national economy will ahve a solid foundation.


結合我國國情,選擇設立農業研究中心的方案.采用演繹法,先擺出總的觀點,然後談出理 由.全文分五個自然段: