Apple MacBook 13.3 Inch (MC207/A, White)

Apple MacBook (MC207/A): speed and equipment

When it comes to graphics and processor performance, the MacBook has adjusted the smallest MacBook Pro: it comes a 2.26 GHz faster core-2-Duo processor from Intel to the usage and the same type NVIDIA GeForce 9400 m graphics card. This combination allows the full HD playback through the mini DisplayPort (with adapter) on a flat-screen TV and is fast enough for graphically simple games. Current games with complex graphics notebook may not smoothly represent.

16:10-monitor: LED-backlit
The glossy screen has a power-saving LED-backlit display and measures 13.3 inches. The maximum resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10 movies so in widescreen format virtually no black bars on the display. The glossy surface leads to reflections in light, offers but brilliant colors and high contrast.

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Apple MacBook 13.3 inch (MC207/A, white)

7 impressions MacBook see facilities: mini-DisplayPort, two USB ports, Wi-Fi and webcam
In the Internet you can access with the Apple MacBook via Wi-Fi fast n-standard or via Gigabit Ethernet LAN. Two USB 2.0 interfaces are integrated a digital monitor connection (mini-DisplayPort), an audio stereo jack for speaker and headsets with only a Jack and a Bluetooth interface. For video calling and chat webcam and microphone above the screen in the housing recessed. are

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Apple MacBook (MC207/A): work and data storage

The two gigabytes of memory is expandable to maximum four gigabytes. The hard drive is very small for notebooks in this price range: it provides around 240 gigabytes usable data storage (gross 250 gigabytes). That’s enough snow for Mac OS X Leopard and another, about Windows 7 (official support via Apple’s boot camp is at the end 2009). The size is too limited for many documents, pictures, or videos. The upgrade is easily possible by replacing the hard drive up to 640 gigabytes. And: Apple offers variants with more work and data storage charges. The optical drive reads and burns common CD / DVD formats. Blu-ray media it supports not

Instructions: notebook upgrade held buy new!

Volume and guarantee
MacBook (MC207/A) runs very quietly. Under full load it hums and it hardly perceive. Apple warranty is as usual a year; an extension to three years (AppleCare Protection Plan) costs for the manufacturers whopping 249 euro (stand: October 2009).

Unibody and glass multi touch trackpad
The design of the MacBook is new: like the so-called unibody enclosures made of aluminium, the components are milled out of a large block, only he is not made of metal but of durable plastic (polycarbonate). The underside is with non-slip material coated.

Another innovation: large touchpad (mouse replacement) was replaced by a glass surface without keys. As with all Apple portables with a unibody enclosure and the MacBook Air control via this touchpad from not only the mouse: function called with the Multitouch zoom among other photos or turn the digital images on the screen. Even moving of files is possible via multi-touch.

Operating System: Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard

Like all Apple computers is the Mac OS X operating system pre-installed. Besides calendar and E-mail program the iLife package comes with iPhoto many multimedia programs and photo software; an Office program is missing. Who wants to install Windows, receives free of charge the necessary utility boot camp. The purchase price for the version of Windows you must then calculate.

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Battery: long run-time and battery connected
the notebook has a lithium-polymer battery, which is built into the housing. For Internet and Office work, he should hang around seven hours during DVD playback approximately 3.5. Maximum of 1,000 charge cycles, he must be replaced at the Apple service; cost 139 euros (stand: October 2009).

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Conclusion: Apple MacBook (MC207/A)

With the white MacBook, you get a high-quality, well-equipped notebook. The performance is sufficient for standard tasks and simple video and audio applications. The battery life is very good for the size and weight. The hard disk is too limited. The low warranty is a real nuisance. Who is looking for a fairly cheap and chic Apple laptop for mobile use, find the appropriate device.

Alternative: Apple MacBook Pro (MB990D/A)

A suitable alternative that has also on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, there is for 200 euro charge (stand: October 2009) also by Apple. The MacBook Pro (MB990D/A) offers similar performance, but in addition a SD-card slot, an external battery indicator light and a solid housing made of aluminum.

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