Antrim, New Hampshire

Antrim, New Hampshire

According to 800zipcodes, Antrim, New Hampshire is situated in Hillsborough County and is located in the southwestern corner of the state. It borders the towns of Bennington, Dublin, and Francestown to the north, Fitzwilliam to the east and Sharon to the south. The town has a population of around 2,500 people and covers an area of just over 23 square miles.

The town of Antrim is largely rural in nature with much of its land being used for agricultural purposes such as dairy farming and crop production. The terrain is mostly flat with some rolling hills scattered throughout. In addition to its rural landscape, Antrim also boasts many picturesque forests that are home to a variety of wildlife species including white-tailed deer, moose, black bears, beavers and wild turkeys.

The town has many scenic waterways that pass through it including Contoocook River which flows into nearby Lake Contoocook. The lake is a popular destination for fishing, swimming and boating activities during the warmer months while nearby trails offer excellent hiking opportunities year round.

Antrim’s climate is classified as humid continental with warm summers and cold winters characterized by significant snowfall. Average temperatures range between 30-90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year while average snowfall can reach up to 80 inches annually.

Overall, Antrim’s geography offers something for everyone from its picturesque forests populated by wildlife species to its many scenic waterways perfect for outdoor recreation activities like fishing or boating. The town’s climate also provides residents with four distinct seasons making it an ideal location for those who enjoy experiencing all that nature has to offer throughout each season!

Antrim, New Hampshire

History of Antrim, New Hampshire

Antrim, New Hampshire is a small town located in the southwestern corner of Hillsborough County. The town was originally inhabited by the native Abenaki people who lived in the area for centuries before European settlers arrived. It was first granted to a group of settlers from Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1736 and incorporated as Antrim in 1777.

The town’s earliest industry revolved around agriculture and the production of dairy products. As the 19th century progressed, other industries began to develop such as textile mills and lumber mills which provided employment for many of Antrim’s residents. The arrival of the railroad to nearby Peterborough also helped spur economic growth and development throughout the region.

During World War II, many men from Antrim served in various branches of the military while local women worked to support the war effort by taking over positions that had been vacated by their husbands or fathers who had gone off to fight. Afterward, many veterans returned home and resumed their lives in Antrim where they found work in a variety of industries including manufacturing and construction.

Today Antrim is still largely rural with much of its land used for agricultural purposes such as dairy farming and crop production. However, it has also become increasingly popular with tourists who come to enjoy its scenic forests, picturesque waterways and outdoor recreation activities like fishing or boating on nearby Lake Contoocook. The town continues to be a great place for families looking for an escape from city life while still having access to all the conveniences that modern life has to offer!

Economy of Antrim, New Hampshire

The economy of Antrim, New Hampshire is largely based upon agriculture and services. Agriculture has been a major source of income for the town since its founding, with dairy farms and crop production making up a large portion of the local economy. This is supplemented by various small businesses such as groceries, restaurants, and retail stores that provide goods and services to the local population.

In recent years, tourism has become an increasingly important part of Antrim’s economy. The town’s scenic forests, picturesque waterways and outdoor recreation activities attract visitors from all over New England who come to enjoy its natural beauty. Many also come to take advantage of the area’s excellent fishing opportunities on nearby Lake Contoocook or visit some of the many historic sites around town such as the Antrim Historical Society Museum or Old Town Hall.

Additionally, Antrim is home to several manufacturing businesses that produce a variety of products including furniture and textiles. The town also has a thriving construction industry which helps keep its residents employed while providing much-needed housing for those moving into the area.

Overall, the economy in Antrim continues to be strong despite some occasional fluctuations in certain industries due to changing market conditions or external factors beyond its control. With a vibrant agricultural sector supplemented by strong service and manufacturing industries as well as increasing tourism activity, Antrim remains an attractive place for individuals looking for employment opportunities or business ventures!

Politics in Antrim, New Hampshire

The town of Antrim, New Hampshire is governed by the Board of Selectmen, which is made up of five elected members. The Board is responsible for setting the town’s budget, hiring and firing personnel, and making decisions on important issues that affect the town such as zoning regulations or public safety.

At the state level, Antrim is represented in the New Hampshire House of Representatives by four representatives who are elected in a general election every two years. These representatives are responsible for proposing legislation to be voted on by the full House.

Antrim also has one representative in the New Hampshire Senate who is elected every two years. This senator has the responsibility of representing Antrim’s interests in state government and voting on bills that affect the town.

At a federal level, Antrim is represented in Congress by two senators from New Hampshire and one representative from its congressional district. These representatives are responsible for introducing legislation to Congress that affects their constituents as well as voting on issues that impact all Americans.

Overall, politics in Antrim are largely determined by local elections with citizens voting for candidates who they feel will best represent their interests at all levels of government. The town’s representatives work hard to ensure that their constituents are heard and their needs met while also keeping an eye out for potential opportunities or problems that may arise at a state or federal level.

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